How to Fix a Toxic Relationship Step by Step

fix a toxic relationship
Can a toxic relationship be repaired? 

How do you fix a toxic relationship? 

How can I make my relationship better? 

If you have all these questions in mind you are in the right place.

Let's get started.

A relationship which is unhealthy for you and others is termed as a toxic relationship. It developed over time and it gets worse if you do not take action to fix a toxic relationship.

A toxic relationship can bring negativity in your life and can be a reason of non-productivity and can let you to unhealthy life. 

This happens when two different personality people meet and their thinking does not match.

A toxic relationship is not only caused by two people clashing, but it can be also caused by only one person who is trying to fulfill his needs by targeting the other one.

No one is aware of their own toxicity unless and until they try to analyze it via a proper technique and try to fix a toxic relationship

Good people also lead to a toxic relationship it is not that only a bad person will have a toxicity effect.

Before going ahead and trying these step please keep in mind that no relationship on the earth is free from troubles but the one who gets out of it is said to be the true one.

Below are the steps you need to do yourself to fix a toxic relationship.

1. Write Down the Signs of a Toxic Relationship.

Note down all the small things and problems you are facing in your relationship. Take your time and no need to hurry to write down all the points.

Note down all the reactions the other person is making and also your emotions considering your partner's emotional effect.

After when you list down all the problems set the list as your goal, which you have to tackle in a smart way.

After you have listed down all your point below is the what you need to do.

2. Do Not Try to Fix Your Partner.

Here when you will be having all the points written down you will think that now I have the points and I have to fix him or her. Do not do that, you have to try to fix a toxic relationship and not your partner.

Even if you care for the other person and even if the other one is wrong do not try forcing him or her with your points because doing this might make things worse.

You have to try and control your emotions and change your thoughts. Do not try reacting the way you do when situations happen even if you are right.

If you try changing your partner you will lead to frustration. You have to feel good about yourself that you did not react badly when things happened and you did let go.

By doing this you will feel superior and will have a good impact on your emotions.

3. Do not Hesitate to Share with Trusted Friends and Family Members.

By reaching out to family or friends doesn't mean that you have to seek advice. by doing this you will explore new ways to fix a toxic relationship.

This is a process where you will let out all the things inside you. Your people might start giving you advice, do not argue with them on their advice rather listen to it and apply if you want or just ignore.

Trying sharing with people who will not judge you by your actions or words.

Never try to complain about the other person or do not turn your people against the other one, doing this won't help to solve relationship problems.

4. Be Who You Are and Fix a Toxic Relationship.

This is a very big thing to do when you are in a relationship, but you have to do it. Because when your relationships are toxic you do the way the other person says.

Try listing down your interest, your hobbies or your life goals and try and fulfill it, this will bring happiness in your life.

By doing this you will build self-esteem and you won't feel low about yourself.

5. Go Out and Explore Nature to Heal a Toxic Relationship.

Many studies have said that nature helps in well being and reduces stress levels. This will break the toxic relationship cycle.

Go out for a walk in a park, try to join the meditation class, use fewer electronics and be less active on social media, Spend time with your pet or go out with friends, yoga might also help.

6. Find a Good Doctor who can Fix a Toxic Relationship.

Find a doctor who can help you in listening to your problems and give proper therapy just for mental peace. Do not opt-in for medication and stay away from medicines.

The therapy might fix a toxic relationship problem and help you to find a way to become a stronger person in life emotionally.

7. Communicate in a Better Way with your Partner.

Fights or misunderstanding between your partners might have created a distance from talking or communicating. Do not stay far if you want to be in a good relationship and if you want to fix a toxic relationship.

Staying far and not communicating will increase problems rather try communicating in a good way.

Try a different way of communicating like video call, voice messages, and love emails.

Do not ever think by the mind rather be natural and do what you feel. Getting more into mind games will increase problems because you do not know how the person will react to it.

Try being honest to your partner and explain to him or her why you did it. Remember to let go off things and tell the partner "everything is fine" even if it is not. By doing this the other person will calm down.

Do not talk in hints, talk in a very open and explanatory manner. Let your partner understand you.

Do not expect your partner to read your mind. No one is a mind reader and no one can judge what you want. Communicate in a good manner and tell the other person what's your likes, dislikes, and feeling. Communication is very helpful to fix a toxic relationship.

Share what you actually feel and do not let the partner guess how you feel because their thinking might be different.

Do not interfere while talking, hear him or her properly first and then try to revert back.

8. Take Care of your Facial and Body Behavior.

Facial expressions can play a great role while you talk because if your facial expressions are not proper and even if you talk good, the other person might not feel appropriate and then can cause fights or issues.

Fix a toxic relationship by not talking in a loud or offensive manner. Many times people do not realize when they are talking loud but it is very offensive to do so.

Do not cross your hand while talking it shows a defensive nature and disinterest of a person whom you are listening too.

Looking here and there can also be not good, Try looking in your partner eyes and observe their expressions.

9. Express Emotions at the Right Time.

Your emotions play a very important role to fix a toxic relationship and you should share and let it out with your partner but doing that at a wrong time will create more problems.

You have to stay calm while you are in a conversation and then let it out when you have completely heard your partner and you have got a chance to talk.

Train yourself to not let your emotions out because many people instantly cry if some bad talking happens.

Never expect your partner to support you in your emotions and get you out of it. Try it yourself to get out of negative emotions. This might help you in inner peace and happiness and will make your strong.

10. Never Keep Bringing Past Again and Again.

Many relationships have a habit of bringing past again and again and letting the other person know how wrong they were in past and how lucky they are by being with you in present.

If this happens your partner will feel low and inferior about himself or herself, do not do that if you want to fix a toxic relationship.

Even if your partner was wrong in the past, try letting it go and even if your partner has made the same mistake again try avoiding it, as one day your partner will get bored of it and stop it automatically.

11. Observe Behavior that Creates Problems. 

There are many times where people fight just because their partner has behaved weird or in an inappropriate manner.

List down all such behaviors of your partner and even of yourself and try to solve it.

Fix a toxic relationship by Sharing it with your partner and let them know which behavior of him or her is creating a problem for you.

Tell your partner "let's fix this behavior together and be happy" say this with a smile on your face and see things changing in a good way in your relationship.

12. Note Down Things Which Upset You.

Here you need to write things which upsets you, for example:- "your guy ignoring you and not listening to your feelings".
, Your mom is not understanding you and why she is such an old school, why I cannot do what I want and why my dad is stopping me to do things etc.

Rather getting angry about such things and being upset about it, try to solve it and fix a toxic relationship by understanding others person views and thoughts.

Like now when you have learned what makes you upset also try to understand what makes your partner upset and stop doing things which can break the relationship.

13. Appreciate your Partner for Making Efforts and Heal an Unhealthy Relationship.

Appreciating your partner will help you to fix a toxic relationship and make it more healthy.

Every person in this world likes to be appreciated and people feel superior when they get appreciation.

Give your partner the appreciation they need even though you have done more things.

By showing appreciation, your partner will know how much respect you give to the relationship and the partner might feel better. Even a small thank you or a single flower can make your day.

Say to your partner things like "I know its hard for you but I love you and I know you can do it". Fix a toxic relationship by saying such words make your partner feel superior.

These words just take only 10 seconds of your time but will have a great impact on your partner's emotions and actions.

14. Create your Own Boundaries for the Relationship.

By reading all the above points you might feel that I am telling you to bend down to save the relationship. No, I am not, I am just telling you to adjust a bit and then see if you are able to fix a toxic relationship or not. 

Here you need to create your own boundaries in a relationship because if you have done all the above, and things are not changing you need to scrap it off and move on.

You will do the above things for a person till a particular time and till a particular level which is to be decided by you.

Once you think that you have given it all and then also things are not working between you and relationship is getting more toxic than think that person is not the right one for you.

15. Give Priority to Your Relationship.

Fix a toxic relationship by giving the first priority to your relationship. Do not argue with your partner that I have friends, family or work above you.

Whenever you get a chance to show that your relationship is important and is the number one, go and show it to your partner.

Schedule your daily time to meet, talk and share what you did the full day and what new things you have explored.

16. Try Giving Space and Fix a Toxic Relationship.

Both of you need to understand that talking all day or meeting only your partner won't work till a long time.

You have to make a habit of giving space to your partner when he or she is out with friends or in some work matter or on a holiday. Time apart can make them miss you even more. 

Try also meeting and spending time together and there should be a balance of alone time and together time because both are important.

Every individual has their own needs try observing if your partner is getting what he or she wants.

17. Give Respect and Take Respect to Cure Toxic Relationship.

Respect is the backbone of any relationships, so you both need to understand when and how to speak and in which manner and in front which people.

You cannot fix a toxic relationship without giving respect. Even if the other person's age is big or small you need to give every individual their own respect.

18. Find a Good Relationship Doctor and go Together.

We first mentioned you to go alone to a doctor which was for your self-esteem. Going together to a doctor will help you in the effectiveness of the efforts you have made to fix a toxic relationship.

Efforts you have made from the above list will have a successful impact when a third person will do the same and talk the same as you have been doing.

We have a psychology of getting a second opinion in any kinds of stuff we buy or listen or do. When your companion will see if he or she will have a better effect on the things you did.


Fix a toxic relationship by doing the above-mentioned stuff. 

Remember to try this for at least 6 months and still then if you feel that the relationship is not working out. 

Take a break and let them self-realize your value. 

August 25, 2018