Complete List on How to Start a Conversation Easily

start a conversation easily
What's a good way to start a conversation easily? 

How do I start small talk? 

How can I be good at talking? 

If you have all these questions in mind, then you are in the right place.

Let's get started

Thinking to start a conversation easily with someone can be a task for you and there must be hundreds of thoughts going on in your mind.

When you first start the conversation it might not suit you and can get clumsy. But with practice, you will end up having a good conversation with everyone.

Do not let your self down when you get rejections after you start the conversation with someone. That person might not want to talk to you, stay calm and take rejections. Rejections will help you improve the next time.

Below is the step by step guide on how to start a conversation easily

Things to Remember Before You Start a Conversation.

1. Do not Worry and Let Go of Your Fear if you want a Good Conversation.

Many people have a habit of thinking in a negative manner and fear that they won't be able to start a conversation.

You might also think that you sound boring, not too important, intruding on the other person space etc. Do not think all this and just relax.

Keep your fear aside and do not feel conscious when you want a good conversation to happen. Feeling conscious will not prove productive and the other person might think that you are weird.

Just say whatever it is in your mind, be natural and remember not to be offensive if you want to start a conversation easily.

If the other person is judging you, do not think much about it and just relax.

2. Introduce Yourself, if you are Talking to a Stranger.

Whenever you are talking to a stranger do not directly jump to the point of asking questions, just because you want to start a conversation easily.

First, introduce yourself with a smile on your face and be approachable by offering a handshake.

Being polite to people is a good way to start a conversation easily.

3. Mind your Body Language.

Be natural and laugh when another person is making funny comments. Do not force laughter and be fake. This all comes under the way you behave.

Make genuine eye contact when talking, nod your head when you agree to something. Maintain proper distance and do not get very 
close to a person while talking.

Do not look here and there while a person is talking to you, This shows that you are not interested in the conversation happening.

4. Listen First and Then Reply.

Once you have got started with the conversation, listen to the person in an active manner and respond back nicely to get the conversation move ahead in a smooth manner.

Explore the topic in a brief while you having the conversation and try to summarise the topic about how they feel about it.

Keep repeating the name of the person while you talk to them because it is a sign of respect and it will also help you to remember the name of that person. This is also considered to be a personal approach towards a person.

5. Show Sign of Attention While in a Conversation.

When you talk to a person show signs of attention like hmm, wow, ah-ha, oh, that's amazing, what's next, is it, tell me more, omg really etc.

This helps the other person know that you are paying attention to what he/she is saying.

When you show signs of attention during a conversation, the topic is likely to get extended because that person might want to tell you more about the topic of what he is speaking about.

6. Avoid Touching. 

If you just met a person and you want to know more about him/her it is better to stay away and respect physical boundaries.

A friendly handshake and a goodbye hug are totally fine but do not try to get more touchy as the other person might get uncomfortable by your body language.

Even If you are helping that person in some situation which can make physical contact "like picking up a box together" etc. 

Ask for permission first and then help. Asking for permission is a very respectful gesture.

How to Start a Conversation Easily with Everyone.

The first step to start a conversation easily is how to approach and take the conversation going well ahead.

Below is the list of things which you can do to start a conversation easily if you do not have any topic to talk about with a stranger or with anyone who you know.

1. Look Around for Things to Talk About.

Look around for nearby things to comment upon if that thing is worth commenting. Do not comment about anything stupid just because you want to start a conversation.

Comment about something which is worth to talk about or you can also talk about some occasion going on nearby.

2. Ask Questions Which are Easy to Answer to Start a Conversation Easily.

Everyone likes to talk about themselves. Ask such question which can help the conversation to go ahead.

Ask about something which you are expecting an answer to or Ask about something that you want advice upon. 

Everyone will answer to you if they think you need advice.

General Questions like:- " Don't you think the weather is tricky today and its gonna rain? ", " what's your fav season? ", "Do you like listening to music? ", "Do you like watching TV series or you much into books? ", "which university you studied from?". Etc.

Advice questions like:- " hey can you help me in mailing this? ",     "Can you let me know which place to go today if you are a local?", " Can you suggest me a new phone I am tired of this one?" etc.

Whatever questions suits the situation which you are in, must be asked to start a conversation easily. Like, suppose if you are in a theater and you want to talk to a person sitting beside you.

Just ask simple questions like " Don't you think the seats are too small to fit in?", " Are these seats comfortable to you?", " Don't you think the theater is not clean today?", " Do you think that this movie will be nice?" etc.

3. Ask About Pets to Start a Conversation Easily.

Everyone likes to talk about pets and animals are the best way to start a conversation easily.

Remember to not talk about your pet because it might not suit some people. Try talking about their pets and compliment about their pets and show your love for the animal.

Talk in a fun manner and remember to ask the name of the pet that the person is having before you start the conversation.

Call the pet in by the name mentioned by another person, Do not comment about how is your dog because calling "dog" might be offensive to some people.

4. Talk About Current Events.

Search for current events on google if you do not know about one. Events like some shows or concerts happening in your area or surroundings.

It is possible that the other person might know about the event happening. If he/she don't know, then it is the easiest way to brief them about it and start a conversation easily.

Simply talk about the latest news which is interesting to talk about. For example "Hey, did you hear about the thunderstorm striking out the whole city, that is crazy don't you think so?". And boom you are up for the conversation.

5. Give Compliments to Start a Conversation Easily.

Everyone likes to get complimented, once you give a good compliment to others it is easy to get started with a conversation.

Notice something that you like about the person and carefully observe and give compliments which are out of the box.

Do not compliment things like " hey I like your dress", " impressive hairstyle" etc. Because these compliments are generic and the other person might understand that you want to talk to them and he/she will ignore you straightly.

6. First, Inform About Yourself and Then Ask Them Questions.

Nobody likes when you directly start asking them questions about their life and personal stuff.

First, start the conversation by telling something about you like and what you do, where are you from, what're your hobbies etc. This will make the other person feel more comfortable and then they might answer your questions easily.

Talking about yourself will make the other person feel that you are open and then they might also be open to you.

7. Offer Help and Start a Conversation Easily.

This is my personal favorite to start a conversation easily.

When you offer help to a person no one in this world will be rude to you nor they will judge you. They can simply say a yes or a no if they say no then walk away and if it is a yes then you hit the bull's eye and you are ready to go.

Find a situation and observe with whom you want to talk to, once you observe you can go and offer them help according to your situation.

The help which you offer must be logical. Think of it according to the situation and the area you are in.

8. Use Humor.

Making a person laugh will always help you to start a conversation easily.

If you are dealing with a stranger, use humor to make their mood happy and your conversation will start.

Share your funny experience and make the other person feel comfortable and ask them about their experiences if they like to share.

9. Ask for Information to Start a Conversation Easily.

Ask for simple things which other person is able to do it and they are not going out of their way to inform you.

Asking for information will make them feel like they are useful to you and will make them feel good about themselves.

Ask things like " do you know any metro station nearby", " do you know where can I get good food nearby" whatever comes in your mind according to the place you are in.

Once you have started getting answers, go on with follow up questions and make the conversation going.

Find common ground and interests when you ask information. If you get a common ground to talk about you are ready to ask personal questions.

What to do When the Conversation Doesn't go Well.

You have earlier learned things to know before you start a conversation, after that you learned how to start a conversation easily.

Now, this part will explain to you what to do when conversations don't go well and how you should end it and move on.

You might also fail to get started with a conversation many times, it's ok to get rejected. You do not have to worry and move ahead. 

Below is the list of what you have to do if you tried for a conversation and it was not successful.

1. End Conversation in a Positive Way.

If things don't work out do not stretch the topic and rather end it in a good way. Say thank you to the person and appreciate him/her for the time.

Make a handshake with a smile on a face and move on. 

Say things like " Hey it was nice talking to you", " thank you for your time", "I appreciate that you talked to a stranger but I hope we are now friends".

2. Use an Intelligent Excuse to Leave.

Many people use a common excuse to leave, do not do that because the other person might understand well that you are using an excuse and you want to leave. That can be rude sometimes depending on the person.

Use your brain and exit the situation. 

3. Make a Future Plan and Leave the Current Situation.

Make plans with the other person and say things like. " Maybe next time when we meet, we go for a cup of coffee, so that we can know each other well".

Making future plans will indicate the other person that you have to leave now.

It is a very polite way to escape the current situation and also the other person will think that if they want to give you the other chance to talk or not.

Use this tactic only if you want to meet that person again and if you use this tactic and do not meet again after making future plans. That will be rude for that person.
September 24, 2018