How to Build a Good Relationship With Your Partner

good relationship
What things make a good relationship? 

How do you build a good relationship? 

What makes an effective working relationship? 

If you have all these questions in mind, then you are in the right place.

Let's get started.

If you want to build a good relationship with your partner and express what you feel. Be the best you can and bring out the best human being you are.

If you are in a new relationship it is the best time to build the strongest foundation you can ever have. If you start from scratch there will be fewer problems ahead.

Benefits of starting from the scratch are that you will have a healthy and a good relationship ahead.

There are many things you should have to focus on if you want a good relationship. Communicating well with each other and expressing your points straight is one of the main things.

We have covered all the points in details below on what you have to do and what not if you are in an unhealthy relationship.

1. Speak Up in Your Relationship Without Being Afraid.

Do not get afraid and think what your partner will reply to you, rather choose to speak up and clear all the things you have it in your mind.

Do not assume that your partner will read your mind and will figure it out and you will solve relationship problems, this doesn't happen in life.

If you want a good relationship you need to communicate your thoughts and needs. Do not get bothered and keep things inside you. Just simple speak if some things are bothering you.

If you don't know how to start a conversation easily say "I have to say things to you which I have it in my mind can you listen to me for a few minutes ?" and start it.

2. Be a Good Listener in a Relationship.

If you want a good relationship you should learn when to speak up and know when to listen properly.

Let your partner speak what they want and do not interrupt while they share feelings and thoughts. Develop your listening skills and build a good relationship.

Be ready with your response after your partner has finished talking. Use active listening skills by showing emotions and reactions to what your partner is speaking.

Because if you do not use active listening skills there are chances that the person speaking to you will get angry or irritated and think you are not listening to what he/she is expressing.

3. Developing Healthy Boundaries for a Good Relationship.

Developing boundaries do not mean that you have to feel trapped inside it. It is for showing respect for each other and for building a better understanding of the relationship.

If you do not feel comfortable of a particular habit of your partner try and explain your partner and fix a particular boundary to make yourself feel secure and comfortable.

Same goes to you also, if your partner does not like something respect it and do it. For example, if you are the girl, and your guy doesn't like you talking to your male friends, simply stop it and do not argue with your boyfriend or husband.

If you argue, your boyfriend might feel that you are considering other boys more important than him. So never do that and listen to what he says.

This is just one example of setting boundaries that I explained but there are many such things that people do not like. 

So talk it out, sit in a cafe, chill and speak. Many a time people fight when they set boundaries as things are not acceptable to each other. Do not do that as your relationship problems will increase.

Do not try and control your partner, setting boundaries is mutual and not a controlling thing. Nor it is about compromising for the betterment of a relationship. 

4. Improve Communication in a Relationship.

If you do not have good communication skills there are chances that you and your partner will have fights often. If you want a good relationship, tell what you want and express what you feel.

Do not speak round and round to tell something to your partner. It is not a good way to communicate. Rather use "I" statements and express your feelings and needs.

You are responsible for your own thoughts and these "I" statements can help you to avoid blame games and accusation.

5. Express Emotions for a Good Relationship.

You should make a habit of expressing emotions to your partner and also take care of their emotions and the way they express.

You should always support them in stressful situations and try and connect deeply with your partner in an emotional manner.

If you are in a relationship and still feel there is no connection with the partner try and fill the gap by asking questions about feelings, how they feel, is there something in mind etc.

Try and discover your partner its all about exploring how one feels in a relationship. By doing this you will feel more connected to the person and this will help you to understand each other more.

6. Meet Often to Improve the Relationship.

Make a schedule and time comfortable for both of you to spend time together and also discuss the relationship.

You both must be busy in your own schedule and life so sometimes it is hard to connect, but you have to meet each other often and talk about things you do, to connect well in the relationship.

Discuss your relationship goals with each other and what expectations you have from each other. Expectations changes from time to time, so discuss it out when you meet.

If there are difficult topics to speak on do not ignore it and leave it on time to get healed. Things do not heal automatically, you have to put efforts to get it done. 

If you are sure about each other spend time with each others family as it is the most happening thing ever. It makes you feel secure and happy.

7. Respect for a Relationship is Important.

Giving respect to each other in a relationship is very important and it should be done when the relationship has started so that the roots are stronger.

Act in a very respectful manner with your partner and also expect the same respect from him/her, If there are issues in respect term and you not getting the respect how much you give. You have to talk it out with your partner.

Treat each other with respect in front of everyone, this helps in building a good image in eyes of people around you.

You have to sit and communicate well to decide the do's and don'ts of respect.

Generally, partners disrespect each other when they are involved in fights, do make a rule to fight fair. No one is perfect and everyone has fights between each other, so setting fair fighting rules is the best idea.

Some of the examples of fair fighting rules are:- No abusive language to be used, No loud talking, No blaming each other and finding a solution rather than blaming, No talking about break up or divorce, Do not bring past, again and again, stay in present, Talk turn by turn so you can communicate well.

8. Show Appreciation if You Want a Good Relationship.

There are many small things which you and also your partner does to build a good relationship, so when you come around such things do not forget to appreciate your soul mate.

Say words like thank you, I love what you did for me, it was nice of you etc.

Instead of focusing on mistakes and then making them count to your soul mate. Make a note of things which they do good for you, this will make your relationship stronger.

Make small handmade things to show appreciation to your partner as handmade things have more value than a ready-made gift. 

Handmade gifts make your soul mate feel that you have put some effort to do it and your soul mate will love it.

9. Give Space in a Relationship.

None of you can be an all rounder and fulfill each other's demand, so it is better that you both give some space to each other to meet friends and family and hang out with them.

It is important to let the other person do what they love. For example, they have a hobby to play some sports or to paint or to sing etc.

Just remember to be truthful and keep updating the partner about where you are so that he/she don't create doubt in mind about you doing something wrong when you far from each other.

If you think a set of friends are wrong and not good for your soul mate, it is better to communicate and prove it, so next time they can be aware of the same. 

Do not force to just leave friends who are wrong, prove it and explain to your soul mate why it is wrong to have such friends.

10. Changes in a Relationship.

There is a possibility that your relationship will change over time and you need to accept the change and adopt the same rather than fighting over it.

Grow together in a relationship and help each other to grow in every expects of life. It might be a career, professional life, family life, personal life etc.

When changes happen, deal with it in a very calm mind. Take a deep breath and move on accepting the change.

11. Couples Therapy.

Sometimes when you are not able to solve your relationship problems with each other it is not a bad idea to go for couples therapy.

Find a good therapist near you and ask your soulmate to come along. A therapist will help you to solve and break the pattern of bad things which you are trapped in. Things like making assumptions, blaming, yelling etc.

A Couple therapist can help you to improve your communication if you are not able to communicate well with each other. It can also improve the views you have for each other.

Seeing a therapist is not something to hide about, it is accepting gracefully that you both are ready to solve problems on a mutual basis and both are putting efforts to improve the relationship.

12. Relationship Rules About Privacy.

If you are in a relationship doesn't mean that you both have to stick to each other all the time and share each and everything.

Give privacy and also take it, but that doesn't mean you have the right to do wrong things. Keep in mind that you are in a relationship and take actions accordingly.

Do not check your partner's phone secretly or demand passwords to mail accounts and social media accounts. If you have a doubt, talk to the partner and tell them in a nice way to clear your doubt.

If you show control in a relationship it can break out in a very bad fight and can end the relationship. No one nowadays likes to be controlled, everyone has their own life, so let them be.

13. Cheating in a Relationship.

All relationships are built on trust and respect which you give to each other, note the signs of cheating if you feel that after trying out everything nothing is working.

There can be a possibility where you give your all and the other person is not able to fulfill the same.

There is no excuse if your partner is cheating, there is no space for cheating in a relationship. If you caught your partner cheating after being in a relationship do not be so dumb to forgive him/her.

Same goes with abusive nature if your soulmate keeps on abusive you even after you gave it all, do not take such abuse. 

Many people take abuse just because they love their soulmate, that should not be the case. You will be better in life if you take a step to improve.

Do not think you won't get a good partner if you leave him/her, there will be always a one better than what you had earlier. 

Do not go on looks of the people, understand about the feelings and respect what a person is giving you.
November 29, 2018