How to Make Traveling With Kids Easy

traveling with kids
What do you need when traveling with kids?

What is the best family travel tip list?

How do you travel with children?

If you have all these questions in mind, then you are in the right place.

Let's get started.

Traveling with kids can sometimes be stressful if you do not plan it in a proper way. You have to make plans in advance so that in the end-moment you do not rush for it.

Make proper planning at least a month before if you are traveling with kids. 

By doing this there are fewer chances that you will face problems during travel because you have almost prepared for every obstacle you might face.

Here we are simply focusing on making traveling with kids easy, explaining about planning your trip, making you remember things which you have maybe forgotten, things to carry when packing, airport process, things to do for your kids.

We have made pointers so you can easily scroll and read whatever you think is helping you.

1. Choose a Family Friendly Travel Destination.

There are many destinations for you to travel but when you traveling with kids you need to select a proper travel destination

You cannot select an extremely cold weather country or the hottest weather country. You cant chose to trek when you are with kids. 
So select a destination which has something for your kids too. 

One of the best examples is Singapore, where they have amusement parks for your kids and nightlife, beaches and casinos for adults. The weather is also not that extreme and is suitable for kids.

2. Select Dates Which do Not Interrupt Your Kids' School Schedule.

The dates which you select must not be too long and odd. If you planning a long vacation for 15-20 days your kids might feel homesick & bored.

So select around 7 to 10 days which includes two weekends. As there are many activities locally happening during the weekend for you and your kids. So starting a trip on a Friday is the best.

3. Make Flight Bookings In Advance. 

When you are traveling with kids it is necessary that you do all your bookings well in advance. 

We recommend you to book flights in the night time especially when you traveling with kids and when the journey of flight is around 5 to 6 hours long.

The reason behind this is when you are in flight, your kids won't get bored and just go to sleep in the plane. 

In the day-time, it is possible that your kids might get bored and many of them will start crying in-flight just because they are bored or feel discomfort due to the flight environment.

4. Make Hotel Bookings in Advance When You Traveling With Kids.

It is important that you keep in mind your family safety and book a nice hotel in advance. 

We recommend you to book big rooms which are comfortable for stay. Many hotels also offer family rooms, so search for such kind of hotels.

We also recommend you to book hotels which are nearby famous places or nearby to well-known tourist spots.

Read customer reviews of hotels before booking. See the nearby area of your hotel via google street view or google maps.

See the public transport available nearby to your hotel. 

Always book a hotel via a famous online hotel booking site, as other sites may run promotional activities and give good offers for hotel bookings but when you reach there you might find something different from what you saw on the internet.

5. Make Local Transport Booking in Advance.

There must be places which you have selected to locally see and explore. 

So keep in mind to contact the hotel to make your transport arrangements. If you are doing it individually make sure you do it with a trusted source and not a local one.

Check on google if services like Uber cabs are locally available there. If it is available you need not to worry, as it is a trusted source for local transport.

6. Check Your Documents 10 Times Before Leaving Your House.

We are telling you to check documents 10 times because we don't want you to get stressed when you traveling with kids.

Ask your wife/husband if you are forgetting anything. Make a checklist of original documents which you are carrying with yourself.

We recommend you to click pictures of your passport and other documents on your phone while you travel. Also, keep a Xerox hard copy with you in case you have misplaced the original once.

7. Do Proper Packing of Bags.

Plan your outfits and your kids' outfit according to your itinerary made of travel places and make a travel packing list.

Like if you planning to go to a water park with your kids. Do not forget to carry costumes for the water-park day.

Do not overfill your bag with all kids stuffs. Only carry what is essential.

Some of the essential things are:- Obviously clothes, your child's personal bathing suit, few pairs of shoes and slippers, some books to read for your child, few toys your child likes a lot. 

Also do not forget to carry sunscreen, wet wipes, lotions for your kids.

8. Decorate Your Bags.

Rather having a plain simple single color bag. Try to add some bright tape or sticker to your bag.

There is less possibility of people mistakenly taking your bags when you have decorated your bags. You do not want your luggage to be taken by someone else when you traveling with kids.

Always have your name, address, and phone number written on the bag because if by chance your bags get stolen or lost, anyone can contact you to return it.

9. Always Have Snacks When Traveling With Kids.

Kids won't always eat on time, they have a habit to not eat properly when on the dining table and later on they will ask you for food.

If you do not give food to your kids on time and when they want they might keep saying you again and again that "I am hungry" "I am hungry".

It is good if you prepare a lunch bag with all their favorite foods. Just remember whatever you pack should be easy to eat and not something which has a possibility of spilling liquid out from your bag.

Do not fill liquid items as it might get spilled and can damage everything. Do not pack such items which require a microwave or a plate or a spoon etc. It should be simply consumed by hands, some items like- cookies, wafers, biscuits, an apple etc.

10. Carry a First Aid Kit.

Your kids won't stop playing here and there when you are traveling with them. They will find places to play hard wherever you are doesn't matter to them.

Some might not even play hard and get hurt due to not paying attention to things coming their way.

You know your child better, so carry whatever is essential to fit in the first aid kit. If your child is prone to cold and fever, carry your medicines accordingly.

Remember your house when packing the first aid kit, it should contain all the items which your home has when your kids get hurt or ill.

Some of the items which you should carry when traveling with kids are:- Bandages, antibacterial wipes, thermometer, children pain reliever, Neosporin etc.

11. Carry Entertainment Items For Kids.

When you are traveling with kids it is necessary that you keep in mind their entertainment.

If it's a long time journey, at the airport or car or transfers or whatever it is. You need to keep your kids occupied and quiet.

Download educational videos and audio books for your kids but do not forget the headphones. You can also bring play dough or clay to keep your kids occupied while you waiting or traveling.

It is also a good idea to bring activity books, coloring books, dolls, comics etc. Make sure your kids don't get bored and they have something or the other to do.

There is also an idea to keep your kids quiet and exited. This idea you can do implement it with a surprise gift for each day.

Pack small surprise gifts for your kids and tell them " you will get it only if you do what I say". Many will follow this because they want the surprise gift. This will help you to keep your kid in control, also calm and excited.

12. Carry a Water Bottle When Traveling With Kids.

We know that you will get a bottle of water anywhere when you traveling.

But it is better if you give a personal water bottle to your kids, so whenever they are thirsty every time they need not ask you for water. They can simply sip it from their personal water bottles.

13. Make Regular Toilet Stops.

Make sure your kids go to the toilet before entering the plane/car/boat/train.

If you do not make regular toilet stops there is a possibility when your kid wants to go to the toilet and you will get stuck as you won't be able to find a toilet nearby instantly.

This is also applicable to adults.

14. Keep Your Itinerary Flexible.

Traveling with kids is not that easy, You do not know when a mood swing might hit them or their tummy will ache or their Attention might get distracted.

You cannot force your kids to follow the regular itinerary which you have made. If they do follow it then they are not kids anymore. Forcing sometimes to follow a strict itinerary might increase complications.

When planning an itinerary especially when traveling with kids, schedule some time in a day for your kids. Go and play with them in nearby parks, or just sit and talk with them in your hotel room or Go for swimming in your hotel.

Whatever best you can do for your kids do it. This will freshen them up and they will be ready to roam and follow the next day itinerary.

15. Schedule a Day or Two For Your Kids in the Itinerary.

It is obvious that you will only plan the whole itinerary being a parent and you will select the places you want to roam.

Try asking your kids what they want to do on this holiday and if they not able to fix it. You make a 1-day kid itinerary where you will travel and see only those places specially made for kids.

Like you can visit a water park, amusement park, kids play area etc.

16. Don't Stress Yourself Because of Kids.

This is the most important tip from all of the above.

If you are stressed about the travel, it is so obvious that your kids won't act good and it will be an add-on to the mood spoilers.

You have to mentally be ready and feel relaxed. You don't have to spoil your own vacation keeping care of the family. Do not treat them as your responsibility rather enjoy time with them. 

You can make good memories when you are traveling with kids. It is very much fun.

17. Reach Before Time.

You have to be punctual and an early checker everywhere when you traveling with kids.

You certainly don't want to rush up in catching a flight, or missing a tour bus just because you are late.

We recommend you to be on time and check in early and have spare time with you so that you can peacefully do everything and in a proper manner.

There are chances you might leave behind valuables when you in rush. 

There are cases where people have forgotten their passports at the hotel and after reaching the airport they have realized. Just because they were short of time and in rush.

18. Explain The Journey to Your Kids.

Educate about the journey when you are traveling with kids. Tell your kids what you have planned today.

Educate about the places you visit, make them learn flight check-in procedures, make them learn how to be safe when they travel, make them learn who to talk to and who to not.

Sharing your knowledge with your kids will help them learn more and also won't make them bored.

19. Give Your Child a Kids Friendly Camera.

This is the best thing ever you can do to make your kids busy and occupied.

Let them capture what they want and according to their thoughts. Kids have many beautiful thoughts which even adults are not able to express or think.

Let the camera capture it all and at the end of your vacation see what your kids have captured.

It is fun to watch what they have clicked and then think about it why your kids have clicked this.

But first, initially, you need to give them training on how to use a camera and how to operate it.
December 14, 2018