How to Be a Better Person in 14 Simple Ways

be a better person
How can I be a better person?

How can I get better day by day?

What are the ways to become a good person?

If you have all these questions in mind and you want to improve yourself. Then we have a complete ultimate guide to help you with your answers.

Let's get Started.

Accept it is a long term process for being a good person and improving yourself.

Make up your mind, That you have to act in a very different manner from what you are right now.

The exercise is of self-improvement and you have to follow it in a consistent manner.

There are various aspects in which a person wants to improve. Let it be in how you treat yourself and portray in front of others. Let it be at work or academics.

Do not rush the process. You have to show the world and people around you that you are a good person.

You have to set aside some hours to know how you behave and act. This analysis will help you to be a better person.

If you were selfish earlier, made fun of people around you. They must have the same image of you in their mind. But now when you are a grown-up person. Put efforts and let the world know that you are a better person now.

Below are some great ways in which you can change yourself for betterment.

1. Examine Yourself for Self Improvement.

The first step is to note down what you are, how is your behaviors towards others, the way you speak, the way you act.

Not down everything about yourself in an honest manner. This is a process of knowing your identity of who you are right now. Be honest as this is the most important step.

You should also consider. How do you react to stressful situations, how you manage your anger, Are you unethical? etc.

All these questions are important for knowing who you are right now.

Once you note down all the points. Start analyzing which behaviors and ideas are fair and which are unfair.

Go and improve the fair ones and eradicate the unfair ones.

If self-analysis is hard for you, go and ask your close friends and family about yourself.

2. Determine Your Values.

If you want to be a better person you have to set your values and understand it in a great way.

Knowing your values will help you to shape the person you want to become.

Writing down values will let you know what is important in your life. For example:- "Spend time with parents", "be a good parent", 
"Don't compromise work because of friends", "Give time to friends after family time" etc.

Values are not which will make you sad, dissatisfied or guilty. It's your choice and it's how you want to change yourself as a person.

Above were some of my values, you can choose whatever best suits you.

3. Note Down the Changes You Want.

You have to be very specific in this and write down all the changes you want to see in yourself in future.

For example 1:- "I'd like to earn more this year" if this is your question then set values and focus on working hard.

For example 2:- "I'd like to be active in social life" If you want to be a person who is more active in social life. Remember the step 1 which is analysis, Step 2 setting values and finally acting over the plan.

Planning will always help you to be a better person in life. You cannot jump in the situation and see whatever happens. If you have this attitude you won't be able to change yourself.

Whatever changes you plan should be practical and which are achievable. Let your plan be tough, But should not be out of a person's scope. For example:- "I'd like to be the richest person in the world" So now this is unpractical.

4. Set Goals to Be a Successful Person.

Now when you have examined yourself, Have set the values, Written down points you need to change. It's time that you set a timely goal.

You cannot make plans and let it work as it is going. You should have a time limit or else these plans will last for a lifetime. You will always keep on adding it in new year's resolutions.

Set a time goal for your change plan and then start a journal with a time constraint.

Making a journal is important. People find it boring but you have to do it if you want to be a better person.

People think making a journal is of no effect. But journals help you daily in reminding what you have to do. We have a tendency of forgetting things and if you forget, Your plans won't work out.

I will teach you how to make a good journal

You have to first write down the situations you faced. How did you feel at that time? How you reacted at that time. How you felt later about it. And what good changes you can put in place if you face the situation next time.

Focus on changing the way you reacted and react in a better way to be a better person.

Overcome challenges step by step. Rather going on a random way which you even don't know.

5. Find a Role Model Who is Already a Better Person.

Find a role model who is already a better person in public. Do not select a person who is on the way of becoming a better person.

Be very specific in choosing your role model. It can be someone from your family, or a politician, a religious person, a social helper, an influencer etc.`

It will be very easy for you to be a better person if you only focus on how your role model is behaving in every situation.

Try to be like him/her and replicate the good habits in you which your role model has.

For example:- You chose Mahatma Gandhi as your role model. 
See the positive part of him. Like - Anger control, Simple lifestyle, Great way of thinking, Talking in a soft way to people etc.

These are some of the examples I gave you for your better understandings. You can choose whomever you want as per your personality and then act in a similar manner.

6. Do Not Make Excuses.

Whenever we are in a bad situation or we did something wrong. We make excuses to come out of trouble.

This should not be the way. You cannot run away every time when you fail in something.

I will suggest you, to notice the things which made you fail and forced you to give an excuse. I am not telling you to take the blame on you and feel guilty about it.

I am telling you to improve. So that you can change yourself and be a better person rather than giving an excuse and running away from it.

Tune up your motivation. Accept the mistake if it's done by you. Plan out everything and improve yourself. Remember, without any plans and goals, you won't be able to achieve success. So plan it and make timely goals.

7. Control Your Anger to Be a Good Person.

Anger will spoil everything even if you did not mean to say words or act in an angry manner.

You will spoil your relationships with everyone when you show anger in small things. It is also harmful to health. You need not on purpose increase your blood pressure.

I know controlling anger is very difficult. But also a great tool to be a better person if you are successful in controlling anger.  

If you control anger it will be very beneficial in solving problems. If you don't manage, Anger will increase problems. The choice is yours.

8. Stop Being Diplomatic.

How will you feel when you know that the other person is being diplomatic to you or is lying? I know you will feel bad.

Same goes with other people when you act in a similar manner.

I will suggest you, to be honestand be direct in whatever you say or act. Chances of you breaking the other person trust will get less when you are honest and direct.

Be straight in whatever you are trying to convey. Learn to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings in a very natural way.

9. Be a Better Person by Forgiving People.

Forgiving others has 2-way benefits. One, it won't make your blood pressure increased by remembering past things. Second, forgiveness has proven benefits for reducing stress.

It is hard sometimes to forgive others. But you cannot change what happened. So spoiling your present situations bringing the past between makes no sense.

Forgive people by at least making a note or having a simple calm talk with them. let them know what they did wrong in a very positive way.

Someday the person you have forgiven will realize what he/she did wrong. And it will improve your image as a better a person in their mind.

10. Listen to Others and Learn.

You cannot be always right or you cannot be an all-rounder who knows everything. No one in this world is a perfectionist.

My suggestion to you is, learn from what people speak. There are thousands of people and think how big opportunity is for you to learn.

For example:- I went to a set of people and asked a similar question to everyone and I started listening to them.

I asked about my website " What you think I should improve on this website for better User Experience". Trust me I got so many different answers and so many suggestions which I would have never thought off.

You can be a better person by listening to others and learning.

Every individual has their own different brain. I am not telling you to follow what they say. Listen, Take suggestions, 
and put in place only the suggestions which you think are logical.

You can ask questions based on being a better person. My example given above was for your better understandings.

11. Be Polite and Get Better Day by Day.

It doesn't even take 2 seconds to say a simple "Thank You" or to 
hold the door for someone or to help an elderly person crossing the road.

These acts of kindness will help you to be a better person each day. You feel happy when you help others.

Do not act in the same way someone acts with you. If they are rude, Your reaction should be in a polite way. You are not what they are, you are way far above them.

12. Don't Forget to Compliment Yourself.

Complimenting yourself will help you to be a better person 
and will make you feel positive about yourself.

Try to compliment yourself every morning let it be small things or bigger ones.

Compliment yourself when you achieve your goals. Compliment yourself when you have reacted in a better way to anger then you reacted earlier. Give a thumbs up when you have made yourself a better person in life by helping people.

Compliment about your clothes, shoes etc. Give yourself an emotional boost every morning. By saying positive things about yourself in a mirror.

13. Keep on Educating Yourself.

If you are not able to understand a few things. Rather going to conclusions or assumptions. Educate yourself about that topic and learn every day which will help you understand.

You can even go and ask for help from friends and family. Only If you are willing to learn something which you don't know.

14. Take Notice When Good Behavior Impacts.

We did so many things to change ourselves and now we need to spend the time to know how it affected others. 

You have done everything I said from the above list. I hope you, Be a better person by following it in a consistent manner for life.

Always take note of good behavior, people saw in you. Compare it with your old behavior.

When you do the comparison, you will feel happy and you will see progress.

If everyone still is responding to you in a similar manner. You have to work hard on improving habits.
January 10, 2019