How to Live a Happy Life in 14 Best Ways

live a happy life
How can I live a happy life?

What is the secret to a happy life?

How do you lead a positive life?

All these questions have kept on coming in your mind. You have found out ways to keep yourself happy. But if it didn't work out. Then you are in the right place.

Here we will show you some simple ways in which you can train yourself to be happy.

For being a happy person. You have to train yourself in many ways.

You cannot be happy if you do not break your bad habits. Happiness does not come automatically.

You have to put efforts if you want to become a happy person.

Let's Get Started.

There are different ways to happiness. All individuals have defined happiness in their own manner.

For example:- Person 1 - I will be happy when I have a good family life. Person 2 - I will be happy when I become rich. Person 3 - I will be happy when I have peace of mind.

There are different angles to measure happiness and live a happy life.

Considering all the above examples. There are some basic qualities you need to focus on to be a happy person.

Studies have proven. Whatever is your financial status, happiness doesn't depend on it. It depends upon how positive you feel about the world around you. How meaningful you are living your life.

These are the 2 major factors affecting your happiness. You must have also seen some rich adults who are unhappy. So happiness doesn't depend always on financial status.

It depends upon the inner you.

The more you postpone the process of being happy. The more your age will pass by. Design a full proof plan to live a happy life.

How much ever happy you are. You will keep on chasing more happiness. 

It's a human tendency of " I want more". If this is what is going to be ahead in life. You won't be ever happy. The thinking of "I Want More" will affect your personal life because you won't be ever satisfied.

You will keep on chasing new goals one after another. Because "You Want More".

For example:- Goal 1 - I will be happy when I get in some good college. Goal 2 - I will be happy when I complete my masters. Goal 3 - I will be happy when I get a good job. Goal 4 - I will be happy when I get married to a beautiful wife. Goal 5 - I will be happy when I start my own business. Goal 6 - I will be happy when I make my company reach at least 1 million. In this pattern, your goals will keep on increasing. The time you complete your goals you will be at the age of 50.

All goals are practical and everyone should do this. But don't run after your goals like a mad person. You have to keep your inner soul happy. Remember this always.

Below are some ways in which you can live a happy life.

1. Stop Controlling Others.

The only thing you can control is your emotions and reactions.

You have to accept it. There are times when you try controlling other personnel actions to keep yourself happy. Do not do this.

You can live a happy life irrespective of how things turn out When you have learned self-control.

Let other people react the way they want. Don't let people's actions affect you.

For example:- You see your girlfriend roaming around with some other guy. You will feel unhappy. You will get depressed. You will go mad. Why? because you allowed another person's action to affect you. Rather doing all this. Accept that your girlfriend did what she wanted. Keep your mind calm. And move on in life. Do not try controlling your girlfriend actions. It will affect you in a bad manner. Have a smile on your face, Wish your girlfriend good luck and start to upgrade your life.

2. Do Not Please Everyone.

When you pretend to please everyone around you. You lose yourself in it.

Be true to yourself and stop pleasing everyone around you. If you do not stop, you won't be able to find the real you.

Do what makes you feel happy rather considering what the other person will think of you.

Do not let go off things which you love. If you love something, try to please it every time.

3. Live a Happy Life by Upgrading Yourself.

Keep upgrading yourself in every manner.

Learn new things, travel to new places, meet new people etc.

If you keep on doing the same things again and again for all around the year. You will be like a frog in the well.

Try to improve yourself in every aspect you can think of.

For example:- I upgraded my self by being fit and running every day for 1 hour. Earlier I use to get bored of the gym. But now when I am regular at the gym. The energy level in my body makes me feel good from inside.

4. Be Positive to Find Happiness.

You need to train your brain to be positive.

Remove the negative mindset and only focus on positives.

You can also choose a positive mantra to repeat whenever negative thoughts hit your mind.

For example:- You are sitting for an interview and you need a job. If your mind starts to think in a negative manner. Like " There are many candidates better than me, how will I get the job". "I have no deep knowledge about what the company does". " I have very low chances I should have not applied" etc. These all are negative thoughts. When such thoughts arise. Start chanting " Today is a beautiful day", "I am grateful to God for what I have", " I will give my best whatever happens".

By being positive, you will push up your confidence to live a happy life. 

Never underestimate yourself.

5. Reduce Self Negative Talks.

Studies have shown that talking to yourself in a negative manner can increase stress.

If you think talking to yourself is a way to motivate, Then you are wrong.

Blaming yourself for everything that happens around you is not good. You are pushing away positivity and letting in negative thoughts.

You overlook whatever good things you have done in your life when self-talking.

For example:- I had a minor setback in the morning when I was getting ready. I started self-talking and assumed that the entire day will go bad. 

Stop assuming and self-talking about negative stuff. If you have a habit of self-talk. Do it in a positive way to live a happy life.

Above example but in a positive way:- I had a minor setback in the morning when I was getting ready. I started self-talking and told me. "No worries everything will be fine I have the whole day to get things right".

Can you see the difference in negative self-talk and positive? If yes, take action and improve yourself.

6. Live a Healthy Life by Eating Good Food.

Do you know food have a great impact on how you feel?

Eating healthy can make you feel good. Try to avoid bad foods.

You should eat according to your body structure. Overeating or under-eating can affect your mood in a great way.

  • Have fresh juices every day.
  • Eat 3 cups of fresh vegetables.
  • Try to intake whole grain and avoid refined grains.
  • Consider your protein intake.
  • Chose low-fat dairy products.
  • Drink at least 3 liters of water every day.

7. Live in the Present Moment.

Our thoughts tend to go around in the past or the future.

Try to enjoy every moment of your life without thinking of the future and the past.

Staying in present will help you to engage in improving your life.

You will have a deeper appreciation of life when you live in the present moments.

8. Accept You are Not Perfect.

Many of us try to make ourselves perfect in every aspect of our life.

We push ourselves so much to gain perfection. 

To live a happy life, you should accept the fact of not being perfect.

For example:- I pushed my self for being perfect in my work life. I learned everything I could. I worked hard in every case I handle. At some point, situations arise where I am not able to solve it. At that situation, If I start cribbing about myself of not being perfect it won't be good. It will push me down, lower my confidence, I will start doubting about myself of not learning new things etc.

There will be always a person who will be more perfect than you.

So accept the imperfection to be happy.

9. Learn Mindfulness.

Learning Mindfulness is an art of knowing about your feelings. And being conscious or aware of things happening to you.

When you practice mindfulness. You will be able to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.

Engage your sense in whatever you do. Try to think of every positive outcome by keeping your mind calm.

Breathing exercises will help you to develop good mind control.

In simple words, Mindfulness is paying attention to your thoughts and feelings.

10. Manage Stress to Become a Happy Person.

Everyone on earth is dealing with stress. Some people are able to handle stress and some are not.

People who do not know how to manage stress. They end up being depressed or anxious.

If you want to live a happy life try to manage stress in a proper way.

You can find out ways to overcome trouble and reduce stress. There are many relaxation techniques like yoga, tai chi, deep breathing etc.

Whenever you are in a stressful situation. Do not rush and overthink to take a quick decision.

Take your decisions in a calm way by thinking about all the possibilities. Sit in a quiet place for some time, give yourself some space rethink about the situation and make a plan to overcome challenges.

11. Stop Comparing.

Live a happy life by Staying away from social media if you do not have mind control.

Social media encourages you to compare yourself with others.

For example:- Suppose, You see a post where a person is posing with top cars, bundles of cash and beautiful girls. You will start dreaming of having the same life. You will start cribbing about your situations which will make you unhappy. You will think about your rich friend and their lifestyle.

Your thoughts will keep on running in your mind. You will start pushing yourself more.

Bad comparison leads to an unhappy life.

12. Kill Your Expectations.

When you expect things to be your way. You won't live a happy life. You will end up being sad.

Letting go of expectations will make everything else fall in place.

Do not build hopes, do not expect from people around you, do not expect from anyone in this world.

Let go off things which went wrong and did not happen as expected.

Keep on trying things which you feel are right without expecting. 

Words don't matter, keep on showing actions. One day you will get what you have expected for.

13. Never Fear Failure.

Everybody has tried something or the other in which they have failed.

Failure doesn't mean that we are weak or broken or dumb.

Do not let failure push you backward in life. If you stop trying you will be definitely called as a failure.

If you keep trying. You can say it to people, Nothing is better than something. " I Am Trying & Doing what is right".

Never let a third person's opinion affect you if you want to live a happy life. The world will say bad to you this doesn't mean you have to kill them all. Have a smile on your face and keep doing what you are best at.

For example:- I failed 3 times before starting this successful blog. People use to laugh at me saying " blogging won't make you earn money you are wasting your time". I failed 3 times in my earlier blogs because I did not know how to optimize a blog for readers.

Today things have changed. I am doing great with my blog, I am sharing my positive thoughts with my lovely readers and I am loving it.

14. Make Others Happy.

Making someone happy will give you inner peace. Happiness will hit back to you when you spread a smile.

People tend to give back positive things when you have done something good for them.

You don't have to use humor to spread smiles. Try to donate people or volunteer for some organizations.

Volunteering for a cause will create a positive surrounding. You will live a happy life and be proud of yourself when you try volunteering.

When you go out and help others. You will make new friends, you will enjoy joining a new community and connecting with people. You will understand more about "what is life".
January 21, 2019