How to Improve Mental Health in 18 Quick Ways

improve mental health
What are the ways to improve mental health?

How can you become mentally strong?

What things do I need to do if I want to become mentally strong?

If these are the question running in your mind and you don't know what to do and start with. Follow our suggestion and you will be able to develop good mental health.

Let's get started.

People focus more on physical health in today's lifestyle. Because everyone wants to look good. 

But what about your mental health. Your emotional health is also important to live a happy life.

Factors which affect your mental health are your job, your social life, relationships, romantic life, and your own mindset.

Whatever the situation is you can improve your mental health and make your life better.

Make your emotional health a priority because if you are happy. Everything in life will be fine. If you keep on ignoring your mental health issue. It can lead you to depression.

The process of improving yourself mentally consist of. The first step is to test, the second is to make notes, third is to act on it.

We will provide you with ways to improve mental health. Focus on doing it daily and you will be mentally healthy and happy.

1. Take a Self Mental Health Assessment Test.

Everyone has their own unique EI. EI refers to emotional intelligence.

It is a process of understanding your own mental and emotional actions. This is the test you have to take yourself and figure out how you can improve mental health.

There are many online assessment tools which you can use if you are not able to know how to test yourself.

Figure out areas in which you have to improve and decide what actions you need to take.

For example:- You figured out that you are not good at controlling your emotions. Make a note of this point and ask yourself how you can improve this. There may be many such points. But only note down points which relate to your mental and emotional well being.

2. List Down Your Priorities.

Once you have done the assessment, make a note of every important thing in your life.

Think long term and take your own time in figuring out what are the areas you need to improve.

For example:- One of the priorities can be developing a positive attitude towards your family. Second can be maintaining a good work-life balance. The third can be focusing on spiritual life. These are some of my examples, you can make a list of your own.

Fixing your priorities can help you to improve mental health which will take you to a productive life.

3. Set Timely Goal. 

After you have completed making your list and have identified what you want. Take some time in setting your goals.

Set goals which are long term or short term according to your areas of improvement. Goals should be attainable and practical.

For example - Goal to meditate for at least 15 minutes a day, this is a short term goal. Goal to be a confident person is a long term goal.

Setting timely goals will help you to make a path to achieving success. If there are no goals your list won't ever end. You will be at the same place after a year if there are no timely goals.

4. Deal With Mental Triggers.

Everyone has their own mental triggers.

For example:- My mental triggers are certain tricky situations or people who irritate me. I cannot burst out at them. It will affect my mental health if anything goes wrong.

Try to control your triggers and figure out ways to be calm in situations you don't like.

I have identified my trigger points which makes me mentally strong. You should also know what are your trigger points and how to deal with it.

5. Boost Your Mental Health by Having Fun.

Experts have proven that having fun can improve mental health. Do things which makes you happy. Do not worry and sit home due to your personal reasons.

For example- Girlfriend does not go out to have fun. Because her boyfriend will create problems. Here she tries and sits home. Because she knows that her boyfriend will not feel good if she spends some time having fun with friends. This will affect her mental health in a bad manner. Do not hold yourself back for such reasons. There can be many different reasons. This is an example of a toxic relationship.

You can try playing your favorite sport. Go for swimming, play badminton, play soccer, play basketball etc. 

Try to avoid indoor games and especially playing on your computer and mobile.

If you do not like sports. Go and hang around with friends having a drink and cracking jokes.

6. Improve Your Mental Health by Being Creative.

Being creative is a mental health booster and acts like therapy to Improve Mental Health.

Whenever you are free in the day or in the night try sketching or coloring. You can even buy a readymade coloring book. 

It's not meant for kids, even adults enjoy coloring.

You can join an art class or ask your creative friend to come over and make you learn drawing/coloring.

7. Start Your Day With a Fresh Juice.

I first use to start my day by having a coffee or ginger tea. 

Yes, it makes me fresh because of the caffeine boost. 

But when I tried having fresh juices in the morning. I felt fresh from inside and energetic and positive.

This also helped me in reducing the caffeine intake and increased the vitamin I consumed per day.

Having an orange juice to start your day is perfect.

8. Share Things Which Bother You to Build a Healthy Mind.

If some things are making you worry and your mind is not able to stop thinking about it. You should share things with family and friends.

Keeping things in mind will make you go mad. You will think about situations, You will also start overthinking. Do not do this and let things out.

If you share with someone you will get a solution to your problem.

If you don't have anyone who will listen to you. Start writing it on paper or maintain a dairy.

9. Be a Volunteer.

When you give others, It makes you feel happy. Start volunteering as it will help you and others also. This is a win-win situation to improve mental health plus your emotional well being.

Volunteering will also help you meet new people. You will be able to make some new friends.

Chose things to volunteer which are of your interest. There are many online sites which can help you with this. So google it.

10. Meditate to Develop Good Mental Health.

Meditation is a proven method to reduce stress and tension.

You should add meditation to your daily routine. If you do it in the morning on your lawn, it is the best time.

If you are not ready to try it daily. Start doing it thrice a week then start daily.

There are many apps which will teach you how to meditate. You can choose the one you like.

Make sure you are in a quiet place and you are wearing comfortable clothing while meditation.

11. Avoid Alcohol and Other Drugs.

I have seen people who intake alcohol to keep their mind calm. This is not a permanent solution.

You will feel mentally calm and relaxed after having alcohol. But what about the future.

Suppose you got ill due to alcohol and doctors have suggested you stop it or else it might harm your body.

What will you do at that stage to keep your mind calm? Will you risk your physical health for mental and emotional well being. No, you should not.

Never make alcohol your support to improve mental health. This is a great risk you are taking. You are spoiling your health.

You should train your brain to be strong.

12. Get Addicted to Healthy Diet.

Healthy food can impact your mental well being in a very strong way. 

Healthy foods are mood boosters, so make sure to eat plenty of green veggies and fruits.

Food can also impact your mood in a negative manner, so try avoiding such foods. You should avoid sugary, junk or fried foods.

13. Be More Social.

Make an effort to interact or stay in touch with people on a regular basis.

It is best to take out some time and meet people in person. Rather than talking on phone or messages.

Make efforts to plan something with your friends or family. 

Try building new connections and make a good network of positive people. Join a local club, yoga classes, social groups etc to build your network.

Trying to make pleasant conversations can increase the feeling of happiness.

14. Get a Pet For Mental Health Support.

Animals are wonderful and they will give you surprises now and then. 

You will improve mental health when they act entertaining and funny at times. You will end up laughing when you spend time with your pet.

Chose the pet which best suits your lifestyle. You should get a dog or a cat. They are a source of true love.

You will end up spending your free time taking care of your pet.

15. Improve Mental Health by Sleeping Well.

You won't feel good if you don't sleep well. You should sleep seven to nine hours in the night for emotional well being.

Make a schedule of sleeping. Try getting up and sleeping at the same time each day. This will train your brain to adjust with regular sleeping habits.

You should not use electronics before going to bed. Avoid using it at least an hour before sleeping. Completely avoid social media before you sleep.

If you do not avoid social media you will end up seeing a story of someone who you don't like. And then your brain won't stop thinking the whole night. Give some rest to your brain.

16. Manage Stress.

There is a connection between body and mind which is important. 

If your body is not feeling good, how will you improve mental health? You should take care of your body and learn to control stress.

Everyone around you is dealing with stress. Some people know how to handle it and some are not smart enough.

Whenever you feel stressed give your self a break.

For example:- You are working for 8 hours on a continuing basis on some project. You have a target to complete it today. Do not stretch yourself so much that you end up being mentally unhealthy. Give yourself a break, go on a walk and then start working in a more effective manner.

You can also try breathing exercises. Breathing exercise helps in lowering the increased heart rate caused by stress.

17. Plan a Trip.

You can improve mental health by traveling around the world. This is what I do to manage stress and have strong mental health.

Traveling is fun as we meet new people, explore new things, try new things etc. We need change to keep our mind fresh. It can be achieved by traveling.

I get bored seeing the same place on a daily basis and doing the same things daily. I Generally travel giving a break of 4 months time. 

Going on a short vacation is not that satisfying. You can keep travel days around 7 to 10 days.

18. Go for Professional Mental Health Services.

There is a possibility when you try everything and things didn't Improve mental health. Then it's time when you have to take professional help.

People can have mental health conditions. Go for a checkup and see if you are not the one.

For example:- You tried everything but still, you ended up being depressed, go and look for a counselor.

Professional therapy can be helpful in dealing with issues like anxiety, depression, etc.

Go and ask your family doctor to suggest you some good professional therapist.

There can also be a connection of physical problems to your mental ones. You should ask your doctor about the same.
January 11, 2019