How to Find Last Minute Travel Deals in 17 Easy Ways

last minute travel deals
Where can I find last minute travel deals?

What's the best last minute travel site?

How do I book last minute holiday?

There can be much reason why you opt-in for the last minute travel bookings.

It can be a family emergency or an important business meeting or an instant plan with your friends. 

You have to make your arrangements and we will help you find 
last minute travel deals with useful sites and ways.

Whatever may be your reason you have to be flexible when you are booking last minute travel deals.

Flexibility is needed because you have to find cheap deals for hotels and flights. Saving money and planning a stress-free trip is necessary.

People tend to book vacations at last minute and end up being 
stuck in a bad hotel or have bad experiences when on vacations.

Focus on getting quality flight offers and good hotels via below mention ways.

First, we will give you details about the websites and apps where you can find good deals. Second, we will give you some tips to focus on making deals cheaper.

1. Last Minute Travel Sites.

There are many websites and apps which will offer you last minute travel deals. 

We have listed some of these websites you can browse to get a good deal for your travel.

  • A dedicated website for instant travel plans is There are many offers you will find on this website. Including good deals on hotels, flights, packages, vacation rentals, activities, and car rentals. You can find top rated hotels costing you an average of 65$ per night. You can also get a surprise deal. Chose whatever best suits you.
  • is a U.K based website. Offering you last minute travel deals on hotels, flights, experiences, and vacation packages. The above site and this site are quite similar in offerings. Browse both the websites for getting good deals.
  • I will give you one more option which is which serves deals for flights, hotels, cruise, and cars. If you can plan at least before 30 days you can get better deals. This site compares rates on other websites. They find good deals for you and send you to an external site. Here you can sign up for their mailing list to get last minute travel deals emails.

2. Last Minute Flight Deals.

Here we will suggest which sites you can browse to find last minute travel deals on flight bookings.

  • I use to find me a good flight offer. As they compare different websites and redirect me to the cheapest offer I am getting on. Remember to see the timings as cheap flights are available on odd timings. Also, Do not forget to see halts if any between the travel destination.
  • Google flights is also a nice option to search for cheap flight bookings. You can get results displayed as a snippet when you google search your destination. A map will show in search results with different websites to book on. There are many new websites listed on google flights which offer cheap flight tickets.
  • This site is famous for cheap offers and good deals for vacations. If you travel multi-city you will get better flight rates. They also have deal coupons which you can apply when making your bookings. They also have an option for last minute travel deals near you. So search and explore the website.

3. Last Minute Hotel Deals.

Here we will suggest which sites you can browse to find last minute travel deals on hotel bookings.

  • is a site which will offer you good last minute deals for hotels. They have a dedicated page for deals. Not only hotels, but you can also find combo offers of hotels and flights. There are also spa deals which they offer.
  • Hotel Tonight is an app which is offering good deals since 2010. They allow you to book the same day accommodation at a better price. There are discounts up to 70 percent globally on hotels. If you did not book anything until the last minute. Then this app might help you. There are also recommendations of real people about their experiences.
  • is a website which you must subscribe for. They will send you periodical emails for the deals they have. They offer deals on hotels, local activities, Goods, Getaways nearby, Deals of the day and Coupons.

4. Last Minute Cruise Deals.

Go and find last minute travel deals for cruises on these websites.

  • the name suggests all. They have a last minute section on their website which offers booking and deals if you want to travel on a cruise. Fares are started from around 180$ per person for a 3-night journey. See what locations they are offering by browsing.
  • is also a site for booking cruise travel. It has cruises for destinations like Bermuda, Europe, and Alaska. There is trip scheduled all around the year. They offer discounts up to 70 percent on brochure price.

5. Plan Traveling During Odd Times.

When you are searching for last minute travel deals. Bookings made on odd times gives you cheaper rates.

You read the list of all the websites which offers you cheap travel deals. Now Its time you make that deal cheaper.

For example:- Select odd times when people tend to travel less. Select flight at 2 am which lands you in the morning. Here you get cheaper rates as people tend to travel less at 2 am. The flights will be empty, you will have peace of mind and flight companies will 
slash more rates due to the desperation of empty flights.

If you can avoid traveling during summer vacations or holiday season it is the best. 

Spring is the best season to travel according to my experience of getting good deals.

6. Select Mid Week Departure Dates.

I will suggest booking a flight on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. As both days have the biggest discounts on all travel websites. 

Analytics shows that Sunday is a day where deals are showcased very less.

Book it in the early morning or late nights to find cheaper last minute travel deals.

People tend to travel less on weekdays. People plan the most travel departure on a Friday so leaving on a Friday won't get you cheaper flights.

7. Be Flexible For Departure Dates.

If you are flexible and can adjust your departure dates. You are more likely to get good last minute discounts.

Many sites will show you cheap rate offerings in the next week or next month when you select your current dates.

Set a time frame for your departure rather than fixing a firm date.

8. Be Open Mind About Your Destination.

Keep an open mind for a destination change. If you are getting good last minute travel deals on other destinations.

Don't be particular about the destination you have fixed if you are planning a vacation. Keep your options open, and check out above websites for travel deals.

If you have subscribed for anyone of the website and you get an email of a deal which is cheap and of quality travel. Opt-in to travel to that destination for your vacation.

Adjust your schedule if you get good travel deals. This is a way to save a huge amount of money on your travel.

9. Join the Mailing List.

There are many such websites and airlines who will send you a weekly email with good deals. Find such website on google or subscribe to above-mentioned sites.

Offers and information are being sent to book last minute travel deals. Some sites offer more discounts to their subscribers than their non-subscribers.

When you have limited time to act and search. Getting deals from these websites in your inbox is nice.

10. Compare Package Deals.

Sometimes booking a package deal is more beneficial than booking individual travel.

Many of the above-mentioned websites will give you package for stay + flight. Some might give you package for stay + flight + car rentals.

There are options also for stay + flight + local sightseeing offer by the hotel.

You have to search for packages which best suits you.

Package deal tends to save more money on travel bookings. But this may not always be the case, so keep checking and comparing.

11. Travel Bidding Sites.

Some websites have a function which they offer their customer to bid for bookings.

You can place your best bid for travel expenses, hotels, airfare, and car rentals. The rules of the auction are different for every individual website.

They have less specification to disclose you. Like you, won't be able to know the timings of your flight or the car model which they are offering you.

If you do not have concerns with this, you can try auction for vacations.

12. Look Out For Secret Sale.

There are travel websites which will offer you secret sales. 

They have a particular period where the sale goes on. Try to book on that particular dates which they have to offer you.

There is one disadvantage of this secret sale.

For example:- If you are booking a hotel and the secret sale for that hotel location is 20$ a night. You will know the area but you won't be able to know which hotel you are making the booking. You will come to know after you have made the payment. Because of its secret sale.

But if you book with a reputed website. They will at least have certain quality maintained when they offer secret sale.

13. Book Hotel Outside the City.

If you are comfortable booking a hotel outside the city. You can get good last minute travel deals and discounts.

Hotel located on highways or away from tourist stops are cheaper than city hotels.

If you are not going to stay much in the hotel room and only go to sleep for the night.

These kinds of hotels can save you money while traveling.

If you want a free stay. There are also backpackers hotels which will give you free stay if you work for them for particular hours. 

People make money while traveling to get rid of the expense on stay while staying at a backpacker hotel.

14. Check Out Tourism Websites.

Major countries or cities have their own tourism websites to promote their states.

These websites will also offer you verified stay and travel packages. 

Rare people visit this website and chose to book via famous websites.

Booking via a local tourism website has an advantage because they are locals. They have more information and they bargain well in other traveling matters. 

You will get good support from hotel staffs if you book via tourism websites.

15. Consult a Specialist.

There are many firms who are specialized in booking last minute travel deals.

Approach these firms which are nearby your area. You can google it and you will get many options nearby.

You don't have to worry about anything. Give your personal booking details and the specialist will do the job.

Specialists also have been working on budgeted trip planning.

They also have access to particular seats and deals because they are a regular working firm.

16. Use Membership Points.

If you have a card which has accumulated points on your expenses. Then it's time to use these points to make your travel cheaper.

Use these points when making a travel booking.

Cards like the American Express Membership Rewards, Citibank Cards or specialized travel cards have cashback offers. So check for these 10 to 20% cashback offer they have and use that card for payment.

Some banks and loyalty cards also have a tie-up with airlines so check if there is any last minute deal going on.

17. Become a Member.

There are many websites and personal companies who offer a travel membership program.

If you become a member of any of these travel companies. You have a good chance of getting last minute travel deals.

Companies also offer extra discounts for late traveler if you 
become a lifetime or a yearly member.

Take reference from friends and family and know which company is the best to offer a travel membership.
January 29, 2019