How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work Effectively

make long distance relationship work
How do I make long distance relationship work? Can long distance relationship work? If you have these questions in mind you are going to get an in-depth answer for this. We will provide you with important tips to make your long distance relationship work.

Let's get started.

People must have said you that long distance relationship will never work. You must also have got a piece of advice from family and friends not to get into such kind of relationship.

Do not get heartbroken because we will make you learn how to make long distance relationship work.

It won't be easy at the start and you have to accept it. 

Long distance relationship needs extra efforts and I know you will do it for your love. 

No need feel lonely or overthink about trust issues. 

Treat this as a challenge and you have to overcome challenges in life to move ahead and get what you want.

Have you ever imagined the feeling when you will hold your lover's hand after a long time and what an awesome feeling it will be?

When you are in a long distance relationship small things like holding hands, eating together, going on a walk together, makes you feel very awesome and these small things will mean a lot to you.

Long distance relationship is like a surprise every day in your life, so be ready for it. 

Adjusting in a minor way can help in keeping your love life alive.

Below are some tips on how to make long distance relationship work.

1. Don't Be Possessive.

There is a possibility that you will turn possessive when you are in a long distance relationship. Do not stick to your partner for the whole day.

If you be sticky there are chances of problems arising because of your behavior. 

There are chances where your mind won't stop thinking about what your partner is doing.

If you do not stop thinking you are going to exhaust yourself and you will end up fighting over small things with your partner.

2. Stay in Regular Contact.

It is very important to maintain the connection between you two by staying in regular contact. It will help you to build a good relationship and a strong emotional connection.

Try to communicate with your partner every 4 hours even if the communication is small. This will help you show your lover the care you have and the efforts you are putting into the relationship.

You both have to be updated with each others schedule and share what's going on in your life on a daily basis, this is how you can make long distance relationship work in a very effective manner.

Because if you do not talk, there will be gaps and whenever you communicate the next time there might be a problem in understanding things and you will have a faded background. 

You have to explain more when there are gaps. Chances of misunderstandings are bright and doubt in your partner's mind can arise.

Communicate in a better way which is suitable for you both to make long distance relationship work more interestingly. 

Like try video calling each other, download an interesting messaging app, send emails, and you can even try sending letters. It is fun and handmade letters will make your soulmate feel really good.

If your partner is busy the whole day and gets less time to interact with you. Do not worry and make yourself flexible and try something or the other to keep yourself busy.

3. Talk About Little Things.

The conversation you have does not need to be an intense conversation always or only talks on serious topics.

You can make long distance relationship work well by talking about small little things like grocery shopping, decorating home, what clothes you both are wearing and are they similar etc.

These small little things will create a great bond between you two and you will feel like you both are setting up your home together which you have always dreamt off.

4. Do Things Together When Free.

Doing things together and gossiping about it will help you to maintain the spark and the interest in the relationship.

You can try things like playing games online with each other, watching an online movie together, helping each other in work via team-viewer, Shopping online for your partner, watching a web series on famous online sites or apps etc.

Never make a pre-plan for doing things like this, you have to be spontaneous, instant and creative about this.

5. Keep Visiting Each Other Often.

You need to treat this as an opportunity and leave your home to meet your partner every time when you can or whenever your budget permits.

Make a plan to visit at least every 3 months as seeing each other in person is also important to build and maintain the trust, satisfaction, and commitment in the relationship.

Make your relationship work by making different and awesome plans in which you both can have a great time together.

Don't do normal stuff like going on a dinner, planning a movie etc. 

Make plans which give you joy and both of you have a mutual interest in it. Like, go for plays or concerts or live performances etc rather just simply going for a movie.

Try to travel with only one bag as it will make your visit smother. Ask your partner to make arrangements for basic things.

6. Know Each Other Well When You Visit.

There is a possibility that your partner must have changed few habits after shifting to a new place to make adjustments.

Try understanding what are these changes and adapt to them.

See your partner's reactions on how he/she talks, make a note of these small little things and try to discuss more on these things. It's like exploring what your partner's new likes and new dislikes are.

When you visit I personally recommend you to make a personalized handmade gift for your loved one.

Gifting is also a type of communication and expressing what you feel. Make your relationship work by sharing your thoughts and feelings via gifting.

7. Set a Time Goal for Long Distance Relationship.

No couple in the world will be able to stay in a long distance relationship or nor they will be able to make long distance 
relationship work if it is for a longer period of time.

You both need to understand and set a goal in mind for the time limits you will be in a long distance relationship. Like how long you will stay far from each other. Say like 3 years or 1 year or 6 months.

Both of you need to settle down someday and eventually have a family together. So sit together and work out your goals for the future.

Set an estimated time and also if delayed due to some reasons set an overdue time. If there is no time limit you will end up breaking up with each other.

Set mutual goals even if you are apart from each other. This will help you both go in the right direction in settling your life.
It will also act as a mutual motivation.

8. Support Each Other in Hard Times.

You have to support each other every time when there is a downfall or your partner is facing a hard time.

Do not support each other on calls or video calls, try to be there with your partner face to face.

For example:- If some of you got admitted to the hospital, or there is some court matters or some other personal problems you have to be there in person.

Make yourself available even if you cannot because these are the times when your partner needs you the most and you have to be there.

Do you know what interdependence is? Interdependence means the state of being dependent on each other by personal choice.

This is very important to make long distance relationship work as Supporting each other is also known as interdependence.

9. Be Honest to Make Long Distance Relationship Work.

Do not try and act fake just for the betterment of your partner or yourself. Try to express whatever you feel and be really open about it when you talk to your partner.

If you try to hide things from your partner one day or the other he/she will come to know and that might create problems in the relationship.

Do not try to deal with all things by yourself, Try to take help of your partner wherever needed.

It is better to analyze problems and deal with it on an early stage together rather than just informing about the problem when it's too late.

10. Build Trust, as it is the Backbone.

Trust in a relationship is very important and no relationship moves ahead without trust. I know you know this but just a reminder.

Distance sometimes makes you lose trust in your partner. So never let that happen, if you have trust issues directly go and ask your partner and talk about things you have it in mind.

When you are alone or away from your partner you will tempt to do more wrong things and you will think of enjoying your time. Do not do this and be loyal.

There is a high possibility of you making mistake especially when you are staying alone, So even if you do a mistake do not hide from your partner and tell it immediately. Saying the truth will benefit you always.

You will also lie about where are you and what are you doing. This will benefit you personally but if someday you got caught trust me your relationship will end.

Build a good relationship simply by saying the truth.

If you have fights because you saying the truth do not worry one day your partner will realize and accept all that you say.

Many people have a habit of lying just to avoid fights in the relationship. But that's not how you will make long distance relationship work.

11. Share Everything But Respect Privacy.

You have to be really open to your partner and share everything you can even if it is private. There is nothing called as "private" when you are in a relationship and are going to stay together for life.

There will be times where your partner will share private stuff like family issues, bitching about friends etc. It is nice to know everything about the people around your partner.

But when your partner is saying stuff to you he/she also expects the talks to be in private between you both.

Do not go and share everything with your close friends or family. This will lead to big fights because your partner has trusted you and said everything to you.

12. Make Your Partner Feel Special.

Making your partner feel special even if you are in a long distance relationship is very important.

Do little things to let your partner know that you care about him/her and you love him/her.

Find interesting ways to send something to your partner. It is not necessary to make grand events or give grand gifts. Small little handmade gestures are more than enough to express your care and love.

13. Create Mutual Connections.

Try to make mutual friends who will help you to understand about your partner even more.

Make friends online or offline or let it be your partner's roommate or whatever best suits you.

Mutual friends always work well as it won't be hard for anyone of you to leave your friends behind when you decide to move somewhere else with your partner. You will be having the same set of friends, so if he leaves she leaves and if he doesn't then she doesn't.

14. Have Reasonable Expectations in Relationship.

Long term relationship is not easy to handle if you are over expecting from your partner. Over expectations of things and time may hurt you.

Have reasonable expectations and if you want to make long distance relationship work then you have to be really practical and not emotional. Sometimes emotions raise the expectation criteria so hold on to your emotions.

Be ready and make your partner ready to face the hard times and rough roads. Get ready to overcome challenges if you want a successful long distance relationship.

15. Always Be Positive.

Distance will make it harder for you to communicate well and express what you feel. You should not feel low when this all happens.

You have to be positive and keep doing good things which improve you. Focus on your career, hobbies, interest etc to keep building a positive environment and good momentum.

Be with good people who do not say bad about your relationship or complain about your partner not doing stuff for you. 

These people will bring in the negativity in your relationship.

Whenever you feel low, make your long distance relationship work keeping mindfulness. Keep your mind calm, opt-in for yoga or other meditation classes.
January 6, 2019