How to Save Your Relationship in 16 Easy Ways

save your relationship
How do you save your relationship?

Can I revive my relationship?

How do you get the love back in a relationship?

Get all your answers in detail. I will provide you ways from which you will be able to get your partner to love you back.

Let's get started.

If you have a feeling that your relationship is at the edge of breaking. Listen to your instinct and put efforts to save your relationship.

Remember your early days in the relationship. It was you waiting to meet and talk to your partner every single hour of the day.

You use to talk the whole night, always be on phone calls for long hours, meeting often etc.

I know your feelings have grown with time and you still have the same feeling as earlier. But the spark in the relationship 
has vanished.

You no longer get the butterflies in the tummy like you use to get earlier.

If you have a feeling that your partner no longer cares for the relationship. Act on it to save your relationship and get the 
spark back.

You both have to work on it together and reconnect yourself as you did it in past. Put Efforts from your side without expecting anything from him/her.

1. Find Out What Went Wrong.

You should first sit and analyze what went wrong in your relationship. Why you are in such a critical situation.

Remember the time from where all the problems started. This will help you to analyze and then speak up in a proper way.

For example:- Things were all OK before. One day you ended up talking to your ex in a casual manner. You did not have anything in mind which was bad. It was a casual conversation let it be a text or a call. Let it be after many years or months. From that day your partner started behaving weirdly. Even after telling you everything was fine. In this situation, your partner acted in a way where everything seems to be fine. But that was not the case. He/she felt bad when you talked to your Ex and trust issues built up. So try to get deep into the problem of What Went Wrong. Some things might be right from your side but not your partner's side.

Try and analyze where the clash is happening which is spoiling your relationship.

There might not be a single reason why things are not working out. If you have various reasons, list everything down.

For example:- Your partner cannot make enough time for you. He/she is roaming more with friends. Friends are more important than your relationship. You both are incompatible with each other because your habits have changed. This is applicable for people who are in a relationship for a longer time.

I hope you can now figure out and find that one problem which made your relationship weak. If you want to save your relationship you have to act fast on your problems.

If you are not good at analyzing problems. Take a relationship quiz which might help you.

2. Decide if You Want to Save it or No.

There are many relationships where you will keep on trying but still, you won't be successful.

You gave everything you could. But you always got an answer from your partner that " You Will Never Understand Me".

Your partner has made a lot of mistakes and you have accepted it every time. But still, you chose to let go of that mistakes every time.

You gave your partner so many chances and still, you get an answer "You Will Never Understand Me". Do not save your relationship if this happens always.

Do not save your relationship if it is an abusive relationship. Never compromise on this part. Your partner should respect you and love you the same way you do.

I hope you make a proper analysis of whether you want your relationship or no. If you decide to save it, then read ahead.

3. Find a Good Time to Talk.

Never talk to your partner when in rush. Do not talk when working as there is no presence of mind when multitasking.

You should always be calm. Find a good private space, where no one is able to hear you. Talk in a very casual manner and share whatever you feel.

Have a rational discussion keeping your emotions aside.

4. Save a Dying Relationship by Talking Every Day.

Talking every day can save your relationship. You don't have to stick on phone calls for the whole day with your bf/gf.

I am telling you to have a meaningful conversation each day.

Start talking about the problems you are facing in your relationship. Focus on explaining the problem in a very clear way.

You have to find a good time to talk when you are talking about the problems. Do not talk about problems when you know your partner is frustrated or not level-headed.

I don't want you to end up fighting when you start talking about your problems.

Go and plan out for a dinner and talk when you are having a good time. It will smooth down your process.

It is also important to listen to your partner when you are talking. Do not keep on talking and present your points.

Let your partner speak and try to understand what he/she has to say about the relationship.

Listening, understanding and then giving a proper reply. Will help you understand more about the relationship.

Do not blame your partner when you are talking. Use "I" statements rather than using "you".

For example:- " You are spoiling our relationship" now when we try saying the same with an "I" statement it doesn't sound rude. " I like to discuss what is spoiling our relationship". There is a calmness in "I" statements.

5. Make a List Together.

When you start discussing your relationship. Remember to note down points which are important and make a proper list.

You cannot keep everything in mind and remember it at the right time. So making a list will help you.

Tell your partner to make a list of problems what he/she thinks you are facing in the relationship.

You should have an open discussion if you want to find the real problem. 

It will be hard to confess things but you have to tell it straight. Hiding things while discussing because you don't have the courage to say it won't help to save your relationship in long term.

Example of a Good relationship is where you both encourage yourselves in saving your relationship and improving in life.

Accept the way you both are.

6. Discuss Solutions to Fix Your Relationship.

This step is the hardest. As you both won't accept what your partner is saying you to do.

You might find your partner's solutions stupid and of no value. Do not try putting your partner down when you discuss solutions.

You need to compromise, have this in mind. Nobody is perfect, nor are you.

Blaming each other is not going to help you move ahead with the relationship. 

If there is something your partner is not liking. Go and stop it whether it is reasonable or unreasonable. Then see how your relationship works.

Here compromising means understanding each other's needs and trying to fulfill it.

For example:- People make EX-bf/gf their best friend. When their past relationship didn't work. Suppose, Your boyfriend has a problem of you talking to your EX even on an occasional basis. And comes up with a solution and tells you "do not talk to him". Then you have to simple respect your partner and stop talking to your EX even if he is your friend now.

You have to be ethical and respect the relationship you are in right now.

Remember, This is not being orthodox. It's about the respect you are giving to your relationship.

There can be many problems like Trust issues, financial problem, household work etc.

Discuss whatever it is and come up with a mutual decision.

7. Be Honest to Save Your Relationship.

Honesty is the best policy. If you be honest to your partner there are chances you will gain more trust.

If you are being honest. Tell your partner to be equally honest to you.

Try to be open about how you feel and think while talking.

8. Work as a Team to Get the Love Back.

Do not consider working on your solutions differently. Work as a team and help your partner when you are trying to solve your problems.

Whenever you get a chance to help your sweetheart. Grab the opportunity and put some efforts.

Working together to fix your relationship problems will make the process easy for both of you.

9. Learn to Forgive and Let Go a Little.

Let go a Little means do not forgive your partner if he/she is doing the same mistakes again. Give chances which are sensible.

If you keep on giving chances even if he/she makes mistakes repeatedly. You will be taken for granted soon. Never let this happen to you.

Let your partner realize from the mistakes. Learn to forgive rather than getting angry and screaming at your bf/gf.

Your anger is acceptable because your partner has made a mistake. But cool down after some time and let it go.

10. Be Open to Change and Keep Relationship Alive.

There will be habits which will change after a few years in a relationship. So accept whatever the change you see in a person and adapt to it.

Make a habit to learn and grow together and show the willingness to do.

Change for good and do not support bad thing. Getting better day by day together must be your only goal.

11. Focus on Good Things Your Partner Has.

Do not focus only on the bad habits of your partner. See the good side of it and note down 3 good things your partner has.

Try to focus on positive things to get over the negativity in the relationship.

Express gratitude towards your partner by words or actions.

12. Show Love and Be Romantic.

Think about the earlier time you always use to be romantic with your sweetheart.

Talk in a romantic way, express it by your actions, Go to some romantic place, Give red flowers etc.

Try to have a talk and ask your bf/gf what they like in being romantic.

For example:- I don't like expensive gifts, I am more of a handmade gift person. It makes me happy as I see my partner's efforts in making a handmade gift. So if I do not share my likings with my partner. He/She will end up bringing an expensive gift which won't make my mood.

Share what you like and tell him/her to do it.

13. Have Fun Doing Hobbies Together.

It is obvious that you both must not have the same hobbies or interests. You should on an alternative basis enjoy doing hobbies with each other.

For example:- If I like cooking. I will tell my partner to cook with me and have fun. Then on the next plan, I will do and enjoy the hobbies which my partner likes.

You can also try something new which you both have not tried ever.

14. Make Up for Past Mistakes.

Making mistakes and then not even making up for it, is not done.

You need to be apologetic if you have made a mistake. Accept that your partner won't trust you or love you the same way he/she uses to do earlier.

If you want to save your relationship and want the same trust and love. Start putting efforts and make up for the mistakes you have done.

15. Kick Out External Influencers.

Do not let someone get into your private relationship. Do not get influenced by people around you who are saying bad things about your relationship.

Know who is playing a positive role and know who is making your relationship more toxic.

Keep your relationship talks as private as possible. Share only a little detail with your friends, family or professional teammates.

16. Consider Relationship Counseling.

After a point where you have done everything and you find yourself stuck at the same point.

Go for counseling and take professional help.

A counselor helps you in knowing what your problems are and will give you solutions to act on it.

This is the end stage to save your relationship. Even after doing counseling things didn't work out. Simply leave the person and move on with your life.
January 16, 2019