How to Look Younger in 18 Super Duper Ways

how to look younger
How to look younger?

How can I make my skin look younger? 

What supplements to take to look younger?

If you have these questions then Let's get started.

Everyone wants to look young even after passing by a particular age.

Aging is a natural process we cannot stop it but we can reduce it by taking care of ourselves.

Don't get worried about losing your youthful looks. There are ways in which you can take care of yourselves.

You don't need to spend a bundle of money on surgery. You have to take care of yourselves on a daily and a consistent basis.

Stress can make your aging process faster. 

Here we will provide you with ways in which you can take care of your skin and body to look younger.

1. Use Gentle Skin Cleanser.

When your skin is aging you should not use harsh skin cleanser. If your cleanser is harsh it can strip off the natural oils present in your skin.

Natural oils if ripped off from skin using a harsh skin cleanser can make your skin go dull and dry. Making you look elder.

When you go out to buy, look for a gentle cleanser. Many brands mention the word gentle on their front pack, so choose the 
right one.

Women should even use moisturizer before they apply makeup. Some makeup brands can cause aging if used on an extensive basis.

Makeup contains chemicals and is harmful if used daily.

A good cleanser will remove all the trace of chemicals which are absorbed from the environment.

2. Use Moisturizer After Cleansing.

Moisturizer gives your skin an extra boost. People with dry skin should use moisturizer to look younger. Dry skin boosts the aging process than normal skin. It is compulsory to use moisturizer for people having dry skin.

There are many anti-aging moisturizers available in a superstore, try to buy a good one. Before purchasing look for reviews online for the best products.

Real people reviews and also scientific reviews are available online. Focus more on scientific reviews as they have optimized technical knowledge.

Make sure the product you buy helps in deep moisturizing. If you are a male, then there are many moisturizers available for male skin.

3. Apply Sunscreen Daily.

There are many moisturizers which are already available with sunscreen protection. But if your moisturizer is not having sun 
protection, apply sunscreen on a daily basis.

Exposure to the sun can boost the aging process, due to its powerful UV rays.

It is recommended that you use SPF 15 daily. This will help you avoid wrinkles, spots, and dull complexion.

SPF 15/ Sunscreen is also proven to help in protecting from cancer.

You can use sunscreen not only on your face but also on hands and all over the area which is exposed to the sun.

4. Exfoliate Skin.

Skin exfoliation helps in renewing the skin cells which helps 
in making your skin look younger.

Chose skin exfoliation products which are gentle as harsh 
skin exfoliating products can make your skin dry or damage.

Exfoliation helps in making your skin soft and helps to look brighter.

5. Take Care of Your Facial Hair.

For men, it is better to have a clean shave than keeping a beard. If you have a beard, It hides what's going inside your skin eventually making it dry.

You are not able to see the skin surface due to your beard. You won't be able to take proper care or notice if anything is going 
on in the back end.

Trim your beard, do not rub your skin in a hard manner when trimming. Remove all the hair present around the nose and 

For women, Facial hair can appear in some cases due to changes in hormones. Women's should go for laser hair removal if there is growth.

Women's can also select waxing, threading or hair removal creams.

Take care of your eyebrows if they are very thick.

6. Use Make Up to Look Younger.

For men, this option is very limited, but you can use a compact powder to uniform your skin tone.

There are many makeup tutorials available online which you can see and apply. Makeup guide for men is also available if you don't know what to use.

Select make-up which is chemical free to avoid later skin damage.

For women, there are many options to use as per your skin tone.

I suggest you use creamy concealer rather than using a wax one or the caky ones.

Use a brown eyeliner rather than using a black one. As black eyeliners sometimes don't look as natural as it should.

Try to use minimalist make up which looks natural.

Remove all the make-up before going to bed, wearing your 
makeup for a much longer time can increase skin damage.

7. Maintain Healthy Teeth and Gums.

Good teeth can make you look younger and more attractive. You should have a daily tooth care routine to follow. 

Many people do not brush and you must have known one of your friends who proudly says it. People who do not brush are lazy.

Make your teeth look bright and white. If you cannot do it at home, consult a dentist and get your teeth and gums treated.

There are many over the counter whitening products which 
you can select to make your teeth whiter. Before using any products, consulting a dentist will be a better option.

Teeth and gums take a lot of time to recover ones its damage. So starting it early can be beneficial.

8. Cover Up Greys.

Some people love to show their grey hair and consider it as a style statement. If you are young and are doing this then it's fine.

But if you are above the age of 35 then covering your greys is a better option.

Grey hair will make you look older due to your body structure and face alignments. If you have a fit body with six packs abs then keeping grey hair is fine but if not then you should cover it up.

Chose a natural color for hair which suits your skin tone. Dark brown and natural black are the best to chose.

When you apply hair color select the color which is ammonia free. This will reduce hair damage caused by hair coloring.

Rather than buying a hair color at home and applying it. It is always better to go to a salon to get it done. So that you don't have any marks left on your ears or forehead of coloring.

If you have grey hairs only at roots than prefer buying a root touch up kit. Do not dye your hair full if you have greys at the roots.

If you get a natural or organic dying hair solution it is always better to choose organic.

9. Adopt Good Body Posture.

Due to age, our spine tends to adopt a natural posture. But here you have to keep your spine up to date and not let that bend come on.

Sitting for long hours working on a laptop can also damage body posture.

Don't develop the habit of sitting in a bent posture for long hours.

If you want to look younger opt-in for yoga to improve the body postures.

Stay flexible and keep your spine straight whenever you sit or work.

10. Consider your Liquids.

Avoid caffeine if you need a boost to be sharp. Go for lemon water which will make you fresh.

Lemon water makes your voice sound clear, deeper and 
more commanding like you had your voice when you were 22 years.

If you are drinking whiskey or any hard alcohol on weekends to get high and enjoy your time, leave it soon. Chose red wine instead of what you are drinking.

Red wine has many health benefits for heart and diabetes. It also helps in improving your skin making you look younger.

11. Drink Water and Stay Hydrated.

Drink at least 3 Liters of water on a daily basis to keep your skin moist and fresh.

Staying hydrated will not only make you feel good from the inside. But also will make you look younger from the outside.

Stick to a daily routine of having 3 liters of water. Do not have water only when having your lunch or dinner.

You should drink a glass of water every 2 hours. Don't drink 3 liters of water at once as it won't help.

You don't have to be over hydrated so don't try to push your limits to have huge amounts of water.

12. Exercise for Minimum 30 Minutes.

It is very tough for people to get into a routine of exercising. But if you have a daily routine it will help you to be energetic.

When you exercise the blood flow of your body builds up. Having a better blood flow each day helps in glowing skin.

If you cannot assign a separate time to exercise. Then complete your exercise routine by walking at a grocery store, hit the stairs rather than taking a lift upstairs.

People exercise to lose weight, but losing weight with 

intense exercise can make you look older. Losing drastic weights within a month will loosen your skin.

Try to do moderate exercises but on a daily and a consistent basis.

13. Eat Food that Makes You Look Younger.

There is no magical food available which will make you look younger on an instant basis.

There are foods which you can intake that contains vitamins which helps to look younger.

  • Eat carrots
  • Go for all kinds of Berries, as they are natural antioxidants.
  • Eat Yogurt, it will help in providing calcium for healthy teeth.
  • Eat oranges, It has vitamin C which makes you look younger.
  • Go for Broccoli, another vitamin C vegetable which helps in making your skin better and keeping your liver strong.

14. Take Supplements.

Before consuming any supplements it is better to consult a doctor if you are taking any other medications.

You need to check the reaction if anything is happening due to your current medications.

  • Take 1000 mg of vitamin C, It will act as an antioxidant. Vitamine C will also help you to protect the cells from damage. Do not intake more than 2000 mg of vitamin C as it can lead to a kidney stone.
  • Take 4000 IU of vitamin D3 every day, This will help you keep your bone stronger and prevent from cancer. This is necessary to look younger as it protects pre-mature aging.
  • Intake Vitamine B complex, This will help you in repairing the damaged skin.

15. Get Proper Sleep.

You should sleep for 7-9 hours on a daily basis. Don't sleep for 10-12 hours to look younger as this might not work.

If you do not sleep properly it might reflect it on your eyes making you look older.

You will feel more tired and lazy when you do not get proper sleep. You might also feel dehydrated or less energetic due to not sleeping well.

Stick to a daily route of sleeping, if there are changes in the sleep routine it might reflect on your face.

16. Go for Body Massage Ones a Month.

Going for a professional body massage once a month can release the tension and stress which is making your aging process faster.

Body massage also helps in stimulating the secretion of anabolic hormones which helps to reduce the aging process.

Whenever you are in stress or tensed going for a body massage is the best option.

17. Reduce Stress.

When you have a stressful life chance of developing fast wrinkles are higher.

Rather than being stressful and coping with your life demands. Try to find a good way to cope with stress or reduce the responsibilities you have.

Have a schedule of relaxing every day for at least 2 hours and do what you love. Let it be your favorite TV program or sitting in a bathtub reading a book.

It is impossible to completely eliminate stress from your life. But there are many ways in which you can deal with stress.

  • Try to avoid situations which bring high-stress levels. Find a positive way to keep your life happy.
  • Make a list of things which gives you stress and try to eradicate those things. If you can't eradicate, find ways to deal it with no stress.

18. Stop Smoking.

If you want to look younger then you have to stop smoking on an instant basis.

Smoking makes your lips thinner, Skin dryer, prone to more wrinkles and makes your hair look dull and dry.

Quitting smoking will give you instant results in a healthy lifestyle and glowing skin.

Smokers are also prone to many types of diseases soon.

The smell of smoke itself makes your impression dull.
February 9, 2019