How to Build Self-Confidence in 16 Simple Ways

build self-confidence
How can I build self-confidence? 

What are the ways which can help me boost my confidence? 

How can I increase my confidence?

If you having all these questions going on in your mind then you are in the right place. 

Let's get started.

Self-confidence is an essential thing one must have to achieve personal and professional goals. People having low confidence 
can face challenges at times.

To overcome challenges you must find ways to increase self-confidence. You must take risks to achieve what you want in life.

Thinking in a positive way for life ahead can boost your confidence in a great manner.

People who have low confidence tend to think in a very negative manner. But don't worry building self-confidence is not a thing 
which you cant do.

Building self-confidence will need efforts from your side which will lead you to a positive life. You have to be consistent in building confidence until you achieve your goal.

People who are high in confidence were not born with natural skill. They have given the time and efforts to build it. You also, have to do the same to build self-confidence.

We will provide you many simple ways in which you can build confidence.

1. Know What You Want To Be.

The first thing is to know what you want to be and where in life you want to move ahead.

Let it be personal life or professional life, your goals should be very clear on what you want to achieve.

Goals should be practical which can be worked upon. Don't make immature goals like "I want to be a billionaire in 6 months". Set 
clear and achievable goals step by step.

About personal life, know which people you want and which not. Know with whom you should build connections and with 
whom you don't want to.

Visualize yourself for the future you will be proud of and start working on the path of success.

2. Identify Negative Thoughts.

Know on which part of your life you are approaching in a negative manner.

Write down the thoughts coming in your mind and talking to the inner you.

For example:- Thoughts and the inner voice like, "I can't do it", "I will fail if I do this", "No one will appreciate me for this idea and will make a fool out of me", "I am not fit for that person life". And many more thoughts which come and talks to the inner you.
Identify these thoughts and stop talking to yourself in a negative manner. 

Do not surrender your weapons in advance by assuming that you will lose the war against life.

Try hard to win the war to build self-confidence and you will win it.

3. Turn Negative Into Positive.

Now when you are done writing all the inner talks and thoughts you are having. Turn that negative approach to a positive one. 

For example:- Thoughts and the inner voice like. "If I work on it I will get something than nothing", "People will listen to me If I 
present them well", "No one is perfect in the world nor am I, let's give it a shot", "I don't care what people think about me, I do what I love", "There are many people like me, Some fail because they don't try, I don't want to be one of them". These are all positive self-talk that you must do to yourself.

Talking in a positive manner will build self-confidence from the inside. Giving you the boost to fight and get ahead of the world.

4. Divert Your Mind if Negative Thoughts Pop Up.

There will be times that your old you will pop up giving you the negative thoughts again.

Whenever this happens to you, remember to divert your mind somewhere else. Try to stay busy if these thoughts pop up.

Start talking to yourself in a positive way. Visualize the dream you had and tell yourself you don't want to give up.

Go and meet your friends or spend time with family to divert your mind.

If you do not have many friends, Do activities or select a hobby which you love.

5. Build Positive People Network.

Influence can play a great role in breaking or building self-confidence. People around you matters the most.

If you stay with negative people who have no job to do, you will end up thinking the way they think.

Be with positive people, Be with people who know exactly what their life goals are.

Stay away from drunkards, You have to be selfish in this case. Because if you act emotionally you will end up spoiling your own life.

Stay away from people who criticize you or always push you down by their negative thoughts and talks.

Even family members who don't have confidence in you. Can put you down and break your self-confidence. Try and avoid the talks they make to you.

Make yourself remember that you are on your own path of building self-confidence. No one should break this process.

Take your own time to know which people to stay with and which people you should eradicate.

6. Know Your Talent.

Everyone in this world is good at something. You need to identify what you are good at to build self-confidence.

Explore your talent in the field of art, music, business, consultation, dance or anything which you are an expert in.

Do things based on your interest and find work opportunities related to your talent. This will help you to boost your professional life.

Doing things which makes you feel good. Will help you meet new people of your interest. This will increase your chances to boost self-confidence.

7. Feel Proud of Yourself.

Feel proud of yourself and the skills you have.

Think about that one thing which makes your personality great. Be a PRO in that particular skill and feel proud of it.

For example:- Skills or talents like, "Having great humor", "Coping up with stress and finding ways to improve yourself ", "Your ability to learn new things fast", "Your ability to adapt fast to new technology" etc.

Everyone has their own personal set of things to be proud of.

Dig deep in yourself and you will come to know the good quality which you should admire yourself for.

Knowing what's good in you will help you build self-confidence to the next level.

8. Accept Compliments to Build Self-Confidence.

People who are low on confidence. Do not accept compliments when others appreciate them.

Do not assume that the person who is complimenting you is lying or either is mistaken. Keep the negativity for that person away from your mind.

Accept it gracefully and say a thank you to the person who is complimenting you.

9. Don't Aim for Perfection.

If you are aiming to become a perfectionist then you will be disappointed one day. 

No one in the world can be a perfectionist, there is something new every day to learn. 

So keep on learning and make your skills better day by day by upgrading yourself.

Do you know? those people who claim themselves as a perfectionist. Usually, criticize themselves to be more perfect which indirectly brings down their self-esteem.

10. Try Mirror Therapy.

A study has shown that seeing a happy and confident face in the mirror every morning. Gives signals to the brain to encourage yourself.

So looking in the mirror every morning with a smile and a confident face will build self-confidence in the long run.

Emotional signals are released from the brain. Giving you a positive boost every morning.

Even looking in the mirror and talking to yourself about positive things will help you build confidence.

11. Confront what You Fear.

People who are self-confident are also fearful.

Keep your fear aside and speak up what you feel from inside.

For example:- You must be having fear of, "Asking your boss for a raise", "Accepting what you did wrong in front of parents", 
"Speaking in front of a group", "Building new connections with people around", "Starting a conversation with a stranger" etc.

When you speak up what you feel, keeping your fear aside. It helps in giving an immediate boost to build self-confidence.

12. Be Patient.

Building self-confidence is not an overnight thing. You might also fail in your goals which you have targeted.

Not achieving your goal will push you back and pull you down to the negative valley of thoughts.

Whenever this happens to you, remind yourself to be patient and try again for that goal.

Learn what went wrong in your old strategy for achieving goals. Improve the wrong things and give it a shot again.

13. Don't Compare Yourself to Others.

There will be someone better than you at every stage of life. You need to understand this very clearly. So stop comparing yourself to others if you want to build self-confidence.

You have to make your life better than others and when you compare. You will make a life which is like the other person you are comparing too. Be better than that other person.

Consider yourself as a brand and not a copy of others. Taking inspiration from others is fine, but saying to yourself you want 
to become like another person is not fine.

Don't focus on irrelevant things, focus on what's relevant, which should be your own personal growth year after year.

If you compare yourself to others, You will lack confidence. You might think that another person has better things than me.

Be happy with your own standards. Make a goal to achieve the standard you desire where you will have high self-satisfaction 

Stay away from social media when you are in process of building self-confidence. A study shows that people tend to compare 
themselves with others more if they are much active on social media.

Everyone has ups and downs in life and you have to accept it. Don't see what people show you, know the reality.

14. Don't Feel Unworthy, Ashamed or Inferior.

There must be many things going in the back of your mind which makes you feel unworthy, ashamed or inferior. Stop overthinking about it and face it to find a solution.

Note down the things which make you feel low about yourself.

For example:- Things like, "Having a fat body", "Having too many acne", "Past bad experiences", "Past regrets", etc.

Rather than feeling low about all these things. Find a solution to deal with it to eradicate bad things.

If you do not find a solution today, you will keep feeling low the whole of your life.

Act now on it, make a plan and change things.

15. Learn from Mistakes and Don't Give Up.

You are on a journey to build self-confidence and there are 100% chances you will make mistakes.

Don't give up on your goals if you make mistakes. Learn from what went wrong in the past and improve it for the next time.

Situations can take you for an emotional ride which will go up and down. You don't have to give up, keep on doing the good and move on.

For example:- Maybe you were not a good girlfriend in the past relationship and you lost your lover who loved you very much. 
There is a pain inside you and the regret you have. Rather than sitting and cribbing about it for life. Work on the things you were wrong at, accept it gracefully rather than arguing. Go to your boyfriend and confront him that you were wrong and now things have changed. Build the trust he wants, do as he says, Give him so much love and care. Forget your friends and social circle and focus on your boyfriend.

You will get what you want if you don't give up.

16. Focus on Self Care.

Do you know? Wearing good clothes, maintaining proper hygiene, eating healthy food. Can give you a boost to build self-confidence.

Make time for yourself and make yourself feel good. Give yourself the attention needed.

If you don't focus on yourself, People will see it and will treat you the same. If you treat yourself in a shitty manner, people will do the same. So treat yourself in a very good manner to get treated well.

A great way to get in positive energy is to exercise.

Many studies have shown that exercising for even 30 minutes. Have resulted in forced brain thinking of a positive life ahead. This happens because you feel good and secure when you exercise.

Get proper sleep of around 7-9 hours daily to feel fresh every day. Sleeping properly will help you to deal with stress and live a 
happy life ahead.
March 6, 2019


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