How to Stop Falling in Love with these 15 Super Ways

stop falling in love
How to stop falling in love again?

How can I stay away from the person I love?

What to do when you can't stop loving a person?

It is very tough to get over the person you love. But when you have no choice left you have to do it.

Let's get started.

No couples in the world are perfect couples. There are ups and downs which goes around in a relationship. 

A good relationship is a relationship where both the partners 
are able to understand each other and compromise on stuff.

Do not bring your ego or your stubbornness in a relationship if you want that relationship to go long.

But when you have tried everything and you have no option left. Move on from the person and stop falling in love again.

You can't live a life where you get only disrespect. You can't live a life where your partner always is cheating on you with other guys/girls. 

Don't compromise when your partner chooses someone 
over you and leaves you for other people. 

Don't compromise when your partner chooses friends over a relationship.

Leave him/her and stop giving the love which your partner is not worthy of.

You can do this in many ways, I will explain to you the steps and ways in which you can stay away from your lover.

This will help you break unhealthy relationship patterns and push you to live a happy life.

1. Let People Know You Are Not Looking for Love.

You should let everyone know that you are not looking for love anymore.

Let your friends, family, social circle know that you are happily single.

Update your social media profile if it states that you are in a relationship. After you update the status, many people will ask you about what happened. Try to avoid such conversation.

Even other single guys/girls might approach you to get into a relationship. They might take a chance to be with you, Simply ignore the messages or calls.

2. Stay Busy by Focusing on Your Goals.

Try to stay busy the whole day to stop falling in love.

When you are not busy your thoughts and your feeling will haunt you always making you miss your loved one.

Focus on your career in an extreme manner. Make a plan which does not include your relationship goals.

Remember the day will come where all your social connections will go off as you won't be able to make time for them. Be ready for this situation, if you want to stop falling in love.

If you are already a successful person in your career, Then bring more success to you by staying active and busy.

3. Spend Time with Your Friend and Family.

Whenever you get time from your career path try to spend time with family and friends.

Everybody needs a social circle which makes them feel supported by someone. Let it be a single person or a couple deeply in love.

Try to make plans to go out in nature. Try activities which makes you feel happy and let you connect with friends and family to help you to stop falling in love.

Do not get deeply connected or dependent on someone within your friend circle. Do not get dependent on one person to keep you away from love.

Try to avoid friends who are in couples or a group of couples going out together. This might make you feel lonely when you see others.

You can even go out on a walk with your mom and dad to make yourself feel fresh. If you do not have good connections with family. Don't worry, even walking alone with music on will make you feel fresh.

4. Explore Your Creativity.

Everyone has their own personal skills and can be creative in a good way if you explore it.

Create what you were always passionate about. Expressing yourself by creating what you love, this will help you feel happy.

You can also join in creative classes near your area to keep yourself occupied.

Start writing a story of your life and make a book in the end.

You can also learn new skills and join in new hobby classes.

5. Minimalize Contact with Your Lover.

No one is able to fully avoid a person as there can be many mutuals who will make you remember your lover.

If you want to stop falling in love try to distance yourself from people in mutual.

If you stay in contact with your lover or the mutuals you share. You will develop feelings towards your partner again. 

Step back and make other plans with a different set of friends 
who don't know about your past relationship.

6. Avoid Social Media.

Social media has grown in such a big way that you can spend the whole day online gossiping and scrolling peoples profile.

The best practice is to avoid seeing your lover's profile on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

If you keep stalking the profile it will be hard for you to get over your past. If you are not able to resist the temptation take a break or completely go off social media for a while.

Unfollow your lovers account and block it from every social media possible.

7. Fall in Love with Yourself.

Fall in love with yourself rather than wasting your time on people who don't care. This will help you in a great way to stop falling in love.

People tend to fall in a relationship very quickly when they feel low about themselves or they feel unwanted. But when you take good care of yourself the feeling of unwantedness and loneliness won't build up.

Don't depend on others to take good care of you. You have the ability to do it yourself.

Remind yourself how awesome you are, How in a good way you can handle things. This will bring in the positive vibes in you which will help you to stop falling in love again with your lover.

Take yourself out on a date. Watch a movie, chill out having some drinks in a restaurant, buy yourself some good clothes and gifts.

When you treat yourself in a good manner, people around you 
will have a significant impact on how they have to react to you. 

They will also treat you in a better way when you treat yourself in a good way.

8. Remember the Negative Quality About Your Lover.

When you are in love you only see the positive side of your lover.

Try to make a list of things which are bad about your lover. Keep yourself reminding to stay away from that person because he/she is bad.

This will help you in not developing the feelings back for your lover.

For example:- He/she had a bad habit of smoking, He/she was not focused on the career, That person always cribbed about me and pushed me away always, That person discourage me for everything because he/she had a negative approach towards life, He/She always lied to me for small things and made the relationship toxic.

These are some of the things which will help you to make a list and focus on it.

9. Let Go Off Past Pain.

You would have gone through the tough times in your past. But holding on to it will make your future more bad and negative.

Try to avoid things or memories which makes you feel low in your present.

When you have bad memories it is hard to move on in life. It will be scary for you to enter a new relationship even if the right person knocks your door.

You have to develop a positive mindset. But if you keep on bringing the past pain you won't be able to develop a positive mindset.

Allow yourself to fall in love again. This is life and you have to move on because you can't be alone your whole life.

10. Try To Be an Extrovert.

Try to be an extrovert, be open to people around, explore new opportunities which makes you feel happy. Connect to new people around you and build connections.

Build a strong bond by sharing some private talks with people you have connected to. This is a scary thing to do but sharing private talks can lead to greater bonds.

Do not share all the private talks, just a few to know how the person is loyal to you or Crib's about you behind your back.

Trusting someone after a great downfall will be hard for you. But you have to do it if you want to move ahead in life. You cannot sit back because of your fears.

11. Remind Yourself that Your Lover is Not there for You.

There are couples who always have been together when the other partner feels alone or need support.

This habit must be there in you. To call your lover when you need him/her for any kind of work.

For example:- You need your lover to help you with work matters, you need your lover to come with you to the supermarket, There are times when you want to let out things by talking to your lover.

If any day this happens to you, make your self reminded that he/she is not available for you and you have to do things all alone.

Try taking help from one of your friends or family member if you can't do it alone.

12. Distract Yourself.

Don't let that person get into your brains. Don't let your lover control you.

Keep yourself distracted whenever you get a memory flashback.

Don't go to places where you have gone together with your partner. Don't do activities which you and your partner use to do together.

Try something new instead which makes you feel happy and distracted from your memories.

13. Stop Falling In Love and Know the Difference.

You need to learn the differences between attraction and falling in love.

People get attracted to a person and then claim that they are in love. The person is wonderful, sweet, attractive, interesting doesn't mean that you love him/her.

You might have assumed that you are in love. Love is all about respect and togetherness, it's about making each other grow day by day in every aspect of life. Love is making a family together and not preferring the world over family.

Analyze the difference and ask yourself if you are really in love with this person.

14. Fake and Tell Your Lover That You are Committed.

If you are not able to avoid your ex-partner, Fake it and tell your lover that you are committed.

Lying about your current relationship will show you the real face of what does your ex-partner thinks about you.

People have experienced bitching when they do this and have known what their ex-partner thought about him/her.

The truth will come out within a month on what your ex-lover thinks about you. If it turns bad then it will help you to get over your past very easily.

15. Wait for the Proper One.

You don't have to try hard to fall in love again. Distance yourself from love for a while and focus on developing yourself.

Don't force yourself to find a new partner because you are feeling lonely.

You will end up falling in a wrong relationship again if you force yourself for finding love.
March 2, 2019